The Supreme God

Chapter 3470 Meeting Otis

"Why is it so embarrassing?

It's not like I'm asking you to actually sleep with them. I just want you to lure those people in small teams and seduce them into thinking you are weak and fragile.

Once they took the bait, we can take advantage of them and kill them!

Here, I will teach you an enchantment skill that I have studied recently. After you cultivate this skill, you can form an enticing array vigorously with great power.

When I was travelling in the Sea of Chaos, I accidentally came upon this set of charms in an ancient cave. It is extremely precious, but I'll give it to you for free so you can practice it,"

Aubrey said.

"Besides, you can rest assure that if you succeed, the six of you will get more benefits than the others!

How does that sound?

I advise you listen to me and follow my plan. After all, this competition is about surviving and eventually leaving the Fallen Divine Valley.

It's survival of the fittest! Think of it as a matter of life and death!"

Aubrey persuaded the group of women.

"Well... fine!"

The six female members of the team finally nodded in agreement after thinking for a while.

"Okay, then. I'll teach you the enchantment skill.

Others, take a break!"

Aubrey was overjoyed.

"The situation is getting more and more messy.

Austin, let's leave here as soon as possible,"

Magee proposed to Austin.

"All right."

Then, Austin left quietly with Magee.

In the next few days, Austin and Magee continued to wander around aimlessly, but cautiously.

day, while they were moving along a huge mountain range, all of a sudden, their facial expressions changed drastically at the same

with about a

said to Austin using

on, let's hide for a

said and gave

a team with more than ten people. Instead, they would remain vigilant and observe from afar

a team of more than twenty people, they would immediately hide to avoid being

generally confident in fighting groups with less than ten people.

hiding place. Moreover,

long after, the team arrived nearby.

"Austin, look!

It's Otis!

And Bernie!


moment he


glee. He was filled with excitement

closer look at them. Do you see those women? I think we have

to rush out and meet with Otis and the

group were dressed in captivating clothes. Magee couldn't help

met a team of more than fifty people. These six women are

six women to cooperate with him. Then, he taught

appeared in Master Otis' team. To

He had also recognized the six

be planning something bad.

afraid that

out and expose the

in anger.

of them out to beguile other

he didn't know that

keep an eye on them first. We'll make a move

Austin suggested calmly.


nodded in

that moment, Otis' team moved


sorry for asking, but are you really sure

Otis asked politely.

don't need to feel sorry for

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