The Supreme God

Chapter 3465 Alston

Somewhere in the medium-grade divine gods' competition area, a large team was recuperating.

This team had more than one hundred members.

Considering the varied numbers of members per team, that particular group had a relatively big number.

It was known that a team with more than fifty people had a certain degree of deterrence among others.

A team of more than one hundred people was like a giant!

At that moment, the members of the large team sat cross-legged on the ground of a broad open space with their eyes closed.

In the middle, there was a man who looked particularly outstanding. He was tall, and had a wide forehead, and a pair of almond-shaped eyes, which were also closed then.

The points above his head had already exceeded twenty thousand!

Such points meant that he had killed at least two hundred people in the competition!

The mere thought of it would send shivers up and down anyone's spine.

If it were in the context of the outside world, more than two hundred medium-grade divine gods would have been able to turn the entire Sea of Chaos upside down.

However, all of them had died in the hands of that man with a striking demeanor.

Based from the number above his head alone, one could see how terrifying his strength was.

"Look, guys! Alston is refining that chaotic magic treasure!"

"Yes, you're right. Alston is so lucky. He found a chaotic magic treasure not long after the competition began.

Such a treasure was far more powerful than all the divine magic treasures.

As long as he successfully refines it, his fighting power will soar!"

"By then, the strength of our team will naturally rise and we will be unbeatable!"

Many people around looked at the man in the center from time to time and speculated.


How dare you blabber on and on, you gossipmongers?! This is the most critical moment for Alston to refine the magic treasure. If you disturb him, can you bear the consequences?"

a medium-grade divine god scolded the onlookers.

The others were shocked. Immediately, they kept their mouths shut and dared not utter any more sounds.

It turned out that the man who was seated in the middle of the group was none other than Alston.

At that time, he was refining a magic treasure, in particular, a chaotic magic treasure.

The magic treasure floated in mid-air in front of him, and emitted a dazzling divine light.

had the size of

there were nine lifelike divine dragons with fierce expressions and ravaging power.

which seemed

power were interwoven in the space

the time, the points above Alston's head suddenly released a large amount of refining power to wrap the

this magic treasure. Afterwards, my combat power will be

fighting power will be the

happens, I will

appeared on his face as he

that he came from a supreme universe, and was always

that moment, he got a chaotic magic treasure, which made him feel even more confident.

Alston, there was a young man who looked relaxed and waved

is a really lucky guy!

strength is also very good.

ease. So I don't really mind his bragging.

for help in the end. Thus, he will definitely give

himself with a

drew a deep

eyes and pointed at somewhere

moment, the huge seal in front of him ascended into the sky and constantly enlarged. In an instant, it turned into a huge mountain that hovered


on the seal seemed to come to life! They moved

instantly spread and covered the

felt so suppressed that their legs became weak, and their bodies trembled

Yes, I've finally succeeded!

belongs to me

Seal is a good

Alston stood up and broke into a fit

sky, combined with Alston's loud and boisterous laughter, released a devastating pressure that

now on, I will dominate this

all of my

reached its

got very carried away!

have successfully refined the chaotic magic

become invincible. Under your lead, we will crush


by excitement. They bellowed loudly and caused

He waved his hand and

sudden, there was dead silence. They all stared at Alston with admiration.

opponents in this competition area with strong momentum, like the wind sweeping away the fallen leaves during the autumn.

of our team, everyone else

the battlefield with a bulk of treasures and

Who's with me?"

Alston declared loudly.


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