The Supreme God

Chapter 3467 The Killing

"Ha-ha! With all due respect, miss, do you really want to kill me or not?"

Austin showed no signs of fear as he smiled calmly at the woman in pink.

"The six of you seem to be a small group. It looks like everyone is really forming teams in this area,"

Austin added.

"Yes, most of those who didn't join a team had already died.

Young man, are you interested in joining our team?"

the woman in pink asked with a playful smile.


The other five people in her team all broke into fits of laughter.

"Let this rascal join our team? Seriously, baby? I can blow a horde of weaklings like him to death with one breath!"

"You like a little toy boy, don't you?

Be careful. They may be good-looking, but they are nothing but hopeless airheads! Ha-ha!"

The rest of the men laughed wickedly and joked on.

"Ugh, what dirty thoughts you guys have!"

the woman in pink blushed and whined.

At that moment, the atmosphere was more relaxed.

"Austin, what should we do?"

Magee secretly sent a message to Austin through his spiritual sense.

"Don't worry, Master Magee. These medium-grade divine gods are just ordinary in strength. Don't be afraid of them,"

Austin replied.

"Honestly, I'm not interested in joining your group.

There are only six of you in your team. You are too weak, and I'm sure you will all be killed soon. Ha-ha!"

Austin said disdainfully.

"You bastard, how dare you say that!"

the handsome man could not help but get offended.

"Ha-ha! Look at you getting cocky. You haven't grown up yet, but you're acting like you can beat us all.

Now, you can go to hell!"

the woman in pink said as she smiled sarcastically. The sparkling in her eyes remained the same, but her voice was turning a little cold.

However, all of a sudden, as soon as she finished speaking...


A shadow flashed!

had disappeared from where he stood!

the woman in pink froze!

then, Austin came behind her and launched the most violent attack before she could react.

secret skills and methods

Boom! Boom! Boom!

of vigorous attacks continued

do anything

out that Austin was just a nobody at

and there was already a huge pit

gushed out

"W...what happened?"

filled with

Austin was standing behind the woman in pink

other five people in her group were all dumbfounded!

were all stunned and wondered if what was happening

have killed...

turn her head to look at Austin as blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

wish you a good trip to

sternly and gave

The next moment...

Puff! Puff!

in pink's delicate body exploded into pieces!

an instant, she was dead.

treasures immediately rushed

attack by activating the Chaotic Striding Boots, which increased his speed by more than ten times above his limit!

the woman in

reaction was completely unable to keep up with his speed!

easily because she never expected that he

magic treasure. It is

was very satisfied with his performance and


You bastard!

dare you launch a sneak

You're dead meat!"

short man's voice trembled

their interaction that he had strong feelings for the woman in pink. However, like her, he did not expect a cultivator at the Divine Realm to kill a medium-grade divine god that

rage, he threw his hands into the

entire sky like a

directly sucked out all the


in the distance

speed was even faster than that

not much slower than that of a

aid of the Chaotic Striding Boots,

also combined the forces of the Peerless Lightness Skill and the Distance-shortening Technique to

and a tricky bodily movement

keep up with his

"That's awesome!

this pair of Chaotic Striding Boots, you would gain a strong foothold in

couldn't help but

how should I put

five people were at a loss for words as they tried to make sense

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