The Supreme God

Chapter 3466 Seduce This Guy

In the middle of a dark cave, Austin sat cross-legged with his eyes closed.

The crackling sound of breaking eggshell was heard from the boots in front of him.

When the cracking sound stopped, streaks of blinding golden light rushed out of the boots.

Austin opened his eyes and laughed happily at the sight of this. "Ha-ha!

I did it!" he exclaimed, filled with joy.

The pair of boots shone brightly like pure gold.

Austin had successfully refined them. This means that there were no longer any restrictions on the surface of the boots.

"All right. Let's me see what the Chaotic Striding Boots can do!

I am wondering how much they can increase my speed." His eyes were filled with excitement.

He got up and began concentrating.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The boots merged directly into Austin's feet, as if they were tailor made for him.


In a blink of an eye, Austin disappeared without a trace.

In a split second, he reappeared dozens of miles away from the cave.

"These shoes make me at least ten times faster than before!"

He could hardly contain his glee.

In the Fallen Divine Valley, there were some very special laws that slowed down one's bodily movement skill.

This also prevented anyone from flying in the sky or activating omnipotent skills related to space.

This was the reason why the valley was inescapable.

Anyone who was brave enough to enter had their movement slow down to a grinding halt.

With the Chaotic Striding Boots, Austin could now move ten times faster, which almost mitigated the effects the valley had on his speed.

"I feel that these shoes will be of much help to me while using the omnipotent skill related to space.

It is impossible to use the Space Teleportation in the Fallen Divine Valley. But once I leave this place, I can only imagine what breakneck speeds I can achieve.

No wonder the shoes are a magic treasure at the chaotic level!"

was still brimming with joy.

back to the

"How did it go?"

after he came out of

My speed has increased by

Austin replied.

"That's awesome!

magic treasures are

keep yourself safe in

unless you confront powerful medium-grade divine

Magee said.

"I hope so,"



going on with your points?

only have 600

what he saw.

cost me over 3000 points to refine the

see, I only

with a half-hearted smile.

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voice rang out from the distance. "I knew it.


treasures in their hands, they rushed

strangers were medium-grade

only a small team, we can

here, we have been blessed with our

with a sinister smile etched on his face


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make any sense. Only medium-grade divine gods are allowed to fight in this area. How did a


This is unbelievable!"

divine gods stared at Austin in utter disbelief.

other one actually has more than 1000 points. Looks like luck is on our

a murderous look in his eyes before he burst into laughter.

also broke

were a small team, so that was why they specialized on ambushing smaller groups

confident that they could take out Austin and Magee without breaking

front of us. While you're at it, give us

short man shouted at

aura of a medium-grade divine god,

do like to

could they have?

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