The Supreme God

Chapter 3474 They Had Ulterior Motives

"Austin! Are you telling the truth?

Are there really three chaotic magic treasures?"

In order to support Austin's words, Otis pretended to put on a surprised and shocked expression and his breath became heavy.

"Austin! That's unbelievable! Three chaotic magic treasures? Are you sure? You're not just kidding, right? That's awesome!"

As for the others who didn't know the truth, their faces turned red because of excitement. They were so excited that they couldn't utter a complete sentence.

As for Lisa and her five companions, their eyes lit up as they stared at Austin. They were too excited and were short of breath as their chests heaved sharply up and down.

"Ha ha, do you think I would lie to you?"

Austin said with a smile and a wink.

"No, I don't think you would!

I trust you. With my understanding of you and our friendship, Austin, you never lie to me!

Ha ha... It's awesome!

If we can get all three chaotic magic treasures, our strength as a team will increase sharply. We won't have to live in fear like we do now!"

Otis burst into laughter.

Of course, it was all an act in support of Austin.

"So, do you think we should go to the place mentioned by Lisa to get that chaotic magic treasure, or to the place I know first, and get three different ones?"

Austin pretended to ask.


Otis seemed like he was seriously thinking it over.

'Three chaotic magic treasures!'

At this time, Lisa was making eye contact with her five companions.

The six women's eyes widened!

"Sisters, I didn't expect this guy to know the whereabouts of three chaotic magic treasures. Well, apparently our plan has to be changed. This is equally important.

Find a way to inform Aubrey immediately!

We must get the three chaotic magic treasures before anyone else does.

If our team can get a hold of all three, our strength will greatly improve, and it is even possible for us to become one of the strongest teams!"

Lisa sent a message to her five female companions as an undisguised greed flashed through her eyes. She was so excited that even her heart was trembling inside.

"That's right!

Three chaotic magic treasures in one place! We can't miss them!"

five companions all

know if what he said was true

chaotic magic treasures in that place, why didn't he

get them together with him.

her companions

What you said makes sense. And

easy to know the

enchantment skills to get the truth out from

Divine Realm

Lisa suggested.

enchanted by our skills,

five all agreed.

Austin quietly. They displayed their enchantment skills all at the same time and formed an invisible array

the middle of

sweet and charming voices

people excited and

dressed in see-through pink clothes, walked gracefully towards Austin

moment, Austin found himself almost unable to extricate himself from the

the enchantment

some tiny colorful pollen bits floating towards him. He suspected that it would

enchantment plus the drug

just an ordinary

Austin was surprised.

and spiritual dragon. All energy

kept his head

had gone dumb. His face showed a very dull expression. He stole a glance at the bodies of the six women like they suddenly

that he had

dry. He started

seemed completely enchanted.

You are so

few steps towards Lisa and stared


little confused. He thought that he knew Austin well, and that he

talking nonsense. Are you trying to

secretly pleased and thought that Austin had become completely under

magic treasures you mentioned real or

took the opportunity to ask. Her charming eyes were constantly focused on Austin,

please trust me. I will never lie to you. I

chaotic magic treasures are

Master Magee and I were passing through a cliff, we accidentally found the three chaotic magic

had two hundred or three hundred points which were not enough to refine

to bring the three chaotic magic treasures with us, but we also knew that any chaotic magic treasure would have some

that hadn't been refined. We were unable to stop

with us, we would easily become the

on the cliff to hide the three chaotic magic

that's the time that we're going to take them.

take you to go with me and get the three

are so beautiful. I want you so much. Come closer and let me smell your body's natural

be obsessed and aroused, and

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