The Supreme God

Chapter 3473 Three Chaotic Magic Treasures

"That's right. These six women are actually spies sent by another large team, and they intend to lure you and your team into a trap so they can kill you all.

Master Otis, starting now, I'm going to need you to work with me.

I'll deal with this. I've come up with a plan, but this should remain between you and me.

I'm going to hunt them and their whole team down, all right?

For now, only you, me, and Master Magee know about this.

Don't let the others find out about this yet,"

Austin talked to Otis through his spiritual sense.

"All right. I believe in you.

You're resourceful, clever, and you also have a lot of trump cards.

You have my support, and I'll keep it from others for the time being," Otis agreed.

Since they were covertly communicating with each other through the spiritual sense, they didn't show any emotions to keep others from finding out.

Otis carried on with their conversation with the others to avoid being suspected. "Ha-ha! What do you think of Lisa's suggestion, Austin?

I know you're still at the Divine Realm, but you've always been very smart.

I think you'd do well, so I'm appointing you as the counselor for our team.

You need to voice out your opinions on major matters in the team, all right?

With you joining us, I believe that everything will turn out well and we'll be able to take the victory," Otis declared.

His voice was loud and filled with confidence.


Otis' announcement took all the team members by great surprise.

'Whoa! He let Austin have the final call, ' they thought to themselves.


Otis! I have faith

admit that you're our lucky star.

here if it weren't for you.

and I

divine gods who were friends with Otis also expressed

gods somehow felt that they had found a beacon. They all had a feeling that they could rely on him and that there was nothing to worry about as

base was higher than his, all five of these medium-grade divine gods somehow worshiped him despite him being just at the Divine Realm.

him to

all felt that with Austin as part of the team, they would

Austin had led them out of lands of death with

why Otis and his friends would think so highly of Austin. To them, they

squad, only

friends, Otis had

of his team members now

divine gods had doubts,

would think of me that much.

too young. I'm afraid I'm not qualified for

was also caught by

the offer, Otis persuaded

on, Austin, just

all believe

looked at Austin as they waited for his response. "Well… All right,

with all of you." Austin had no

offer, he was

think and then turned his head to look at Lisa.

really is a

Austin asked.

replied straight away, "Yes, I'm quite certain.

saw the chaotic magic treasure at the entrance. However, when our team leader was about to enter the cave to get it, another

both suffered great

impatient, she immediately added, "Austin, let's not waste time here. Hurry up and get that

any longer

"I see."

feigned thinking hard like

Did this brat already see

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