The Supreme God

Chapter 3472 Lure Us Into A Trap

"Whoa! Magee, Austin, I can't believe that two of you had garnered so many points! You're truly amazing!

I admire people like you," Lisa gushed over the two of them.

She looked at the both of them with sparkling eyes.

"Is that so?"

Austin sheepishly smiled, pretending to be attracted to her.

"You also have a lot of points. In fact, you made more than I did!

Which means you're better than me," he continued.

His gaze was focused on the number hovering above Lisa's head.

She had over three thousand points.

Compared to Otis, she had amassed more.

Austin scanned her friends' score. He found that each of them was roughly around three thousand points.

'These bitches gathered more than three thousand points. It looks like they have tricked plenty of teams.

But no matter, they will all die in my hands.

My team and I will then get their points.

It's too bad that their team consists of over fifty members. Hmm, that looks a lot, but it would be too difficult to kill them all if they're banded together.

However, if we manage to destroy them, we would acquire a lot of points!'

Austin rubbed his chin as he formulated a plan to terminate the six women.

'Ha-ha! These men acquired lots of points. That, too, will be ours. You better enjoy the last few moments of your lives while you still can, ' Lisa sneered inwardly.

She had her wanton gaze fixed at Austin, seducing him.

Austin and Lisa were both pretending to like each other

when they wanted each other dead.

"By the way, where is Clarence? Haven't you found him?

It will be great if we get him,"

Magee mentioned out of the blue.

Otis, Magee, and Bernie, there were another four medium-grade

now, there were only three

signs of

"Well, Clarence..."

and his eyes darkened—full of hatred and grief.

met Clarence.

organized a team not too

he was killed.


He clenched

just say? Clarence... C-Clarence is gone?" Magee stammered.

taken aback as he was in a state of denial. 'How could Clarence

with Otis and the other divine gods, had been trapped in this Fallen Divine Valley

friendship. They considered each

to Magee's shock, one

died? I'm sorry to hear that.

gravity of this terrible news. He felt just

been kind and gentle. Moreover, he had been very nice to Austin and treated him as his friend.

to Master Clarence? Master Otis, did he die in

who murdered him, we can avenge him once we have

after he calmed down.

we can't avenge his

shook his head in


one hundred and twenty men at his disposal, and they

divided his subordinates into four teams. Each team has its own job. They look for targets, set up traps,

were over thirty of them, and we only had a dozen men

our retreat, Clarence sacrificed his

miserably. A guy beheaded him with one

and enraged at the

was the

and Magee were taken

they heard that the team led by Alston was one of the most powerful teams. His team consisted of more than

rest in peace, Master Clarence. As long as I remain alive, I will stop at nothing

that, he has now full

of Clarence's smile and kindness, he couldn't help but get sad and angry. His eyes were

At the end of the day, this is still

It's a cruel fact, but you have to live with it. I hope you


you have a point. Despite that, he was my friend. I get to

Austin apathetically replied.


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