The Supreme God

Chapter 3471 Two More Big Fish

"Otis, don't worry. It won't be easy to find the chaotic magic treasure since it's in a hidden cave.

If both teams perished at the same time while fighting for it, it should still be in that cave,"

a charming smile pulled on the lips of the girl in pink.

Both her pleasant voice and beautiful facial features, coupled with her smooth and delicate skin, made her incredibly attractive.

Even a gentleman like Otis felt aroused by her charm and quickly looked away from her.

"That's great! Lisa, lead the way!"

Otis was filled with joy and his entire face lit up.

Their entire team was being led by Otis.

Because he was a very strong fighter among his peers at the same level as medium-grade divine gods.

"Wow, what a good actress! Her act was almost perfect.

It's hard for ordinary people to notice that she's a hypocrite."

A sneer appeared on Austin's lips as he watched.

"Seems like Otis completely trusts these six bitches.

Fortunately, Master Magee and I learned their identities in advance, No matter what the game they're playing, they're already doomed to lose.

Master Magee, let's go and meet Master Otis.

But let's not expose their plot first.

I'm going to discuss with Master Otis how to deal with them first,"

said Austin.

"Of course, Austin."

Magee readily agreed with a nod.

Almost at the same time, the two of them jumped out from their hiding place.

Shock filled Otis and his companions when two people suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Otis! There's two people ahead! It seems like they are on their own,"

the girl in pink said in surprise.

"You're right!

But... they seem very familiar. Are they..."

as he squinted at the two figures.

Otis, stop guessing.

Magee quickly rushed over to him.

"Master Otis!"

after Magee and went over to greet the

"Magee! Austin!"

overjoyed and walked up to them

expected that the two of you would be

greeted them with a laugh.

became very familiar with Austin after their adventure in the land of death. All three of them

be clearly seen on their

do you know

her eyes at them as

me introduce them

They're both my

Austin. Although he looks like a Divine Realm level young man, he's very talented and has a lot of cards up his sleeve.

base in the

up the expression on

only at the Divine Realm, how did he

competition area for medium-grade divine gods only

Lisa's face as she looked Austin head to toe. Although she didn't show obvious contempt, she

"Ah, right!

almost forgot to ask.

come you're

be assigned to the competition area for preliminary-grade

fingers drummed against his thigh as he looked at Austin with

he doesn't know the

that he was assigned here because of his special fighting power,"

Magee hurriedly answered.

Magee is

smiled bitterly and didn't offer any

a master hiding your real strength.

sparkled as she looked at

a great thing that we finally

Otis laughed.

In fact, Austin and I have

didn't expect to find you

laughter left Magee, his happiness about their

land of death also came forward to pull

where they had to trick, cheat, and

members of the small team also greeted the two

of their team. For his sake, they naturally


Austin asked excitedly.


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