The Supreme God

Chapter 3469 The Situation Was In A Mess

Filled with purpose, Austin and Magee started off running at full speed.

In fact, they moved so fast that they couldn't see what was in front of them. Austin trusted his gut to lead him in the right direction and keep him from danger.

Along their journey, they slowed down at times and observed their surroundings. Almost every time, they encountered other teams, all with many members.

After weighing the pros and cons, Austin and Magee chose not to join them and kept moving.

Still, there were moments where the teams saw them and shot attacks their way.

Fortunately, Austin possessed his brilliant bodily movement skill and was able to use it to escape, bringing Magee along with him.

After hours of running, they arrived in a desert, where a team was milling around aimlessly.

There were more than forty members in this team, which made it a relatively strong team and they all had their eyes peeled for opponents.

The man who was in the lead wore golden armor all over his body, and the points floating above his head had reached more than six thousand!

"Boss, we are worried. You have enough points to stand out among all the medium-grade divine gods.

However, our points are not enough. How can we win?"

some of the other team members complained, slumping their shoulders.

"Stop whining. Don't worry.

I will lead you to continue to hunt other people so that your points will continue to rise.

Besides, I've refined a chaotic magic treasure, meaning there are few medium-grade divine gods who can defeat me. Don't doubt me!"

the leader in golden armor said arrogantly.

From behind a huge sand dune on the left side of the desert, Austin poked his head out and focused his gaze and spiritual sense on that team. They walked away from their leader and resumed their pacing.

Magee also joined him by poking his head out cautiously.

"We've been traveling for days now. My feet hurt and nothing seems to be changing.

There are many teams but we haven't been able to find a chance to take action."

After observing for a while, Austin lowered himself slightly so just the top of his head was peeking out.

In the past few days, both Austin and Magee had felt nothing but despair and they only wanted to sleep or fight, yet neither had presented itself.

They wanted to find an opportunity to hunt down other participants again, but they didn't expect that they would encounter a large number of teams along the way.

Unlike him and Magee, all of those teams had at least ten members.

Although Austin was strong and fast, he didn't dare to make a move unprovoked against the team in front of him.

all had the advantage and it seemed like it was too late for

what he could see, no

had hoped that team members would begin to fight among each other and lessen the numbers but everyone seemed to get along fine.

of the competition

to change. If they don't, we can't hunt other competitors

said in an anxious and

important thing is that we don't rush.

have to think of a way to solve this

Magee replied.

and looked at the

distracted by their depressing thoughts and worries, Austin and Magee didn't notice that the team in front of them had all stopped pacing.

spying on us? They are

the rest of his team was looking in. Behind


as a fierce attack hit

was broken, and the air


sand dune had been blasted

the ground was a gaping pit and

have you

the team members asked


moving so fast.

is this possible? Does he have a magic treasure related

leader asked as he noticed that Austin had run away.

their hiding place, Austin had already

such a long distance, especially when Austin had the Chaotic Striding Boots and the Peerless

divine gods managed to join hands, they might be able to hurt him or even kill

until they had put hundreds of miles between them and the team. Panting and

forty or fifty members in that team. We are not

for us to take action at

could meet Otis and the

also merging together. Any of the weak teams with small numbers must have already been destroyed, and there is nothing

do we need to

deep crease forming in

for us to join a team at this

teams will have settled down and are not willing to

is an opponent. We can't

competition, even the team members will start to calculate and

just thinking about

"That's smart.

can only rely on

getting more and more chaotic,"

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