The Supreme God

Chapter 3468 The Power Of The Chaotic Striding Boots

Austin stood in the air as he was surprised at his destructive power.

'It turns out that its maximum speed is indeed terrifying!

People often don't take speed as a fighting skill. However, when one can move much more swiftly than his opponent, other skills won't even matter.

As the old saying goes, the faster it is, the harder it can be defeated.


That's amazing!'

Austin got a little excited.

He had unintentionally obtained a pair of Chaotic Striding Boots, which had helped him gain a strong foothold in the competition.

Because of this powerful chaotic magic treasure, Austin was filled with confidence.

Moreover, he didn't feel the need to be as cautious as before when traversing the competition area for medium-grade divine gods.

"It's your turn!"

Without hesitation, Austin displayed the Peerless Lightness Skill, activated the Chaotic Striding Boots, and rushed towards one of the remaining three men.

It did not take him much time at all to strike the man.

Among the remaining three men, the man who ran at the forefront naturally became Austin's next target.

It was Austin's general strategy; he would scatter his enemies first, and then defeat them one by one.

"Hurry up! Save me!"

The man was so frightened that his voice trembled. He was growing desperate, so he hurried to ask for help from his two companions behind him.

Austin's horrifying bodily movement skill and speed made the man scared to death and have no will to resist at all.

However, Austin and Magee didn't care about him in the slightest.

All of a sudden, they launched a series of violent attacks, like two fierce and unstoppable tigers!


Their joint forces caused a wild torrent of energy to surge in the whole world.

The man was just an ordinary medium-grade divine god. Magee alone was enough to defeat him, not to mention with Austin's help.

In an instant, the man was finished within two moves!


Then, the man's body was completely shattered.

At that time, Austin asked Magee to kill him

that the man's points and

time, we have met

run for your


don't even think about it! You can't escape

Magee to chase after them.


Please don't

Stop! Please!

you. If you let us go now, we will help you in the future. Please

two men were terrified out of their wits when they saw Austin running after them. They all


Boom! Boom!


went to Austin and Magee.

result, Austin got 2200 points in total.

Magee, he got

how are the Chaotic Striding Boots?

asked with a smile.

"They are awesome.

magic treasures are indeed extraordinary.

am becoming more and more

Austin nodded.

daze after seeing the corpse residue of the six medium-grade divine gods that they had just beaten. For a moment,

had considered medium-grade divine gods to be very powerful before he

he had dealt with great pressure whenever he faced a medium-grade divine

killed so many

extraordinary training for Austin!

that moment, a strong sense of self-assurance occupied

Magee, what should we do next?

participants have formed their

the six people we just met are

team of dozens or even hundreds of divine gods, I'm

while and looked at Magee as if waiting for a response.

"Well, you're right.

careful. We'd better find Otis and form a

Magee said.


gave a nod.


Magee suddenly whispered.


also shocked.

of his spiritual sense, Austin detected that there were more than a dozen medium-grade divine gods that surrounded them in each direction. Every single one of them was

that has found our traces. They are trying to

divine gods that are fast approaching. We're no match for them. We'd

Austin said.


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