The Supreme God

Chapter 5088 The Battle In The Yin World

Coming from Austin's hands, over a dozen worlds of mind power flew into the air and released an immense amount of mind power.

It only took a moment before a large number of the members from the ghost race were enveloped by the mind power like a giant bubble.

The force of the mind power was overwhelming as it pushed down on them.

"Hold on.

I didn't know that this young man could use the mind power like this. His level of mind power is not bad at all.

Now I understand why he and the fire source beast entered the Yin World and provoked the ghost race."

In the Yang World, on the peak of the mountain, Henrik had been watching every move that Austin and the fire source beast had made. His eyes were squinted as he saw over a dozen worlds of mind power attacking the ghosts. Henrik's face was becoming more serious by the minute.

"Well, it doesn't matter. He might know how to use the mind power, but it's impossible for him to defeat the ghost race at his current strength. And the fire source beast can't help him either.

They are going to die!

It seems like this Austin guy does have a good sense of justice. I wonder if I can turn him into a devil!

If I do to him what happened to me and make him evil, things will get very interesting,"

Henrik said. His eyes turned vicious, revealing a creepy sneer.

A second later, his face transformed, emitting a layer of cold mist and a strange law.

Suddenly, Henrik looked entirely different.

Smiling, he turned back to look inside of the Yin World.

Currently, all the ghosts who were surrounding Austin and the fire source beast were shrouded in the worlds of mind power. They looked around desperately and tried their best to retreat.

Normally, the members of the ghost race were not afraid of death, but they were afraid of the mind power.

It seemed to be their natural enemy!

Slowly, the ghosts that were enveloped in the worlds of mind power became weaker until they were unable to resist it anymore.

Then, the mind power attacks caused them to explode like mini fireworks.

In no time, the large number of ghosts had exploded and vanished into thin air!

Seconds ago, the area that Austin and the fire source beast were standing in was filled with ghosts, but now it was empty and silent.

However, there were plenty more ghosts in the Yin World. They could see a vast number of them surging over like an ocean.

Whoop! Whoop!

Deafening screams filled the air.

had once again filled with vicious, angry ghosts. They rushed over towards Austin and the fire source beast like a giant

Austin's mind, he deployed fifty worlds of mind

Boom! Boom! Boom!

of mind power released a huge amount of mind power

Bang! Bang! Bang!

went, the ghosts exploded

a moment, the space was filled with negative emotions, such as viciousness,

ghosts hadn't stood a chance

beast could kill as many ghosts

had stood casually and watched the battle unfold. They weren't

Austin and the fire source beast with all the

of mind power would make contact with them

had killed countless members

the Yang


here. There's no point since you can't kill all

man has tons of energy, but all his efforts will

ground with a seemingly

the fire source beast finally noticed a decrease in the number

progress! It looks like we've managed to kill most of the ghosts. There

beast exclaimed as a smile

be true. But it's more likely that the more powerful ghost

the distance with

feeling deep in his gut that they hadn't seen the

was currently


source beast asked, spinning to

then, an unusual sound reached

Boom! Boom! Boom!

the distance, loud noises shook the entire space and

And then,


and an overwhelming amount

ghost is going to put up a

Austin warned.


ghost, it was not clumsy. It covered lots of ground in a couple


Austin, blocking the light. The

his mind, Austin created fifty worlds of mind power that quickly engulfed

Immediately, the ghost stopped.

couple of seconds of

pressure was released from its body. It looked down

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