Chapter 11

The next day… 


Daisie and Waylon’s photos for the ‘Young Faces’ brand became popular on the Internet and flooded Facebook instantly. The two rugrats were even ranked third in the hot search because of their natural looks.

#Endless Happiness#: These photos are truly amazing!

#TurkeylessThanksgiving#: OMG, their looks, they must’ve gotten God’s personal blessing. I’m so jealous~

#U summer U#: I wanna take a look at what their parents look like.

#AngelWithoutWings#: These are obviously children’s clothing, but these two kids have given them an indescribable sense of luxury. Is it because of their looks?

The comment section below all the posts was on fire. Almost all of them were talking about the two rugrats’ looks.

Nolan was sitting in the Blackgold administrative office when he happened to run into the trending search result.

Not only did the two children in the photos not show any stage fright, but they also coordinated with each other perfectly, as if they were born for the stage.

Nolan could not understand the reason he could not help but notice them.

Quincy knocked on the door and walked into the office at this time. “Sir, the sales of the brand ‘Young Faces’ have risen rapidly all of a sudden. It seems that choosing these two children as our models was the right thing to do.”

Nolan nodded but did not look away from the screen.

Quincy thought of something and then added, “One more thing, Royal Crown Entertainment Co. called today. They seem to plan to hire the two kids.”

Royal Crown Entertainment Co. was the largest entertainment agency in Bassburgh, and it was also the only company that ventured into showbiz under the Blackgold Group.

Many of the big names in the entertainment industry originated from the Royal Crown. All the artists who they could choose had exceptional potential, and their future stardom was boundless.

Nolan’s eyes drooped slightly. “Ask for their parents’ consent first. After all, they’re still too young. We’re not in the position to make the decision for them.”

Quincy was stunned for a split moment. “But their documentation doesn’t include their parents’ contact information.”

This was when Nolan looked up. “The parents’ contact information wasn’t included?”

“They’ve filled in a phone number. I’m not sure if it’s the genuine one.” Quincy looked through the documents in his hand and quickly found the anonymous number left by the two children.

At Seaview Villa…

Maisie put on her shoes and reminded the three rugrats before going out, “Sweethearts, Mommy is heading to work now. You guys stay at home obediently and call your Godmother if something pops up.”

rugrats waved their little hands.

them a kiss and

the side rang as soon as Maisie left the

Only one possibility came to mind because that was the number that they had written on their

accept button, tiptoed, and answered with a childish voice, “Hello, this is the house of

softened his tone. “I’m the mister that

“Mr. Handsum, it’s you!”

parents at

Mr. Handsum?” Daisie asked casually while supporting her head with both

lips. “Where are you?

believe his eyes when he saw Nolan smiling, let alone when Nolan threw his status and nobility out the window by offering to

call, picked up his car key,

about I fetch them on

I allow Mr. Goldmann to go in

key to him.

Quincy was rendered speechless.

Seaview Villa #9, stopped the car outside of the villa, and saw the children

felt a sense of wryness deep

Goldmann is about to kidnap someone else’s children at first


scooched over and sat beside Nolan. She had two braided ponytails and wore a

of ways. He planned to impersonate Waylon and accompany his sister out to

you taking us?” Colton asked

at Colton. He had a slight hunch

“Have you had lunch?”

Do you plan to

saw a mole in the corner of Colton’s eye that he might not have noticed yesterday. He

tongue out, and smiled. “That

brother can be exceptionally fierce when he thinks of you as

as he said to Quincy, “Go to

the Grand Courtyard Hotel’s executive

restaurant was only serving them because Nolan had reserved the whole restaurant for

and smiled faintly. “Feel free to order

menu and glanced at it. All the dishes in this menu were outrageously expensive, but Daisie pointed to the most expensive one. “Waylon,

Then we’ll

“And this!”

“We’ll take that too.”

“This, and this!”

a little disgusted.

head away with a

me do

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