Chapter 1222

Sandy knew the rift between them was about her having had abortions before, and he couldn’t accept that fact.

She bit her fingernail as she thought, ‘He can “accept” a woman like Pearl, so why can’t he accept me? Besides, he should suspect Pearl for today’s incident, right? After all. Pearl has done something like this to frame other people before. So, it makes sense to pin the blame on her.’


Tanner asked the security to pull out the surveillance footage on the corridor to investigate the incident about Sandy. The footage was fixed on the appearance of the three men after they left, and he asked his bodyguard to check their identities.

When Tanner came out of the monitoring room, he pulled his phone and saw there were a few unread messages. He frowned deeply and deleted all of them without checking on them.

Then, another message came through. Pearl did not dare to go home because of the marks around her neck. She stayed temporarily in a hotel and asked her assistant to buy her clothes for her to change. After taking her shower, the doorbell rang. She became alert and asked, “Who is it?”

has a complimentary champagne event for all

the voice of a

attendant persisted and continued. “But the champagne is already here. It’s free of

holding a bottle of champagne in her hand. Just when she was about to take the champagne from her, a hand

appeared in front of her. Her heart skipped a

avail. Tanner went


room. She broke herself free from him when he closed the door and

He went even closer to her and hissed. “If I catch a disease, then you’ re stuck with me for the rest of your

sarcastically and said,” What’s wrong? Can’t Sandy satisfy you

gritted teeth, “You have a lot of nerves to

her miscarriage have to do with me?” Pearl struggled, but Tanner locked her tightly in between

his gaze. “Who knows? Maybe you’re jealous of her, so you found someone to make her

froze, and her blood ran cold. “So, you think it’s

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