Chapter 1223

Pearl rolled over and opened her eyes when her back was facing him, her lips pressing into a fine line.

Tanner hugged her from the back, and when he noticed that she was trembling, he turned her around. Her eyes were tightly shut, but a drop of tear flowed down from the corner of her eyes. He wiped it off with his finger and said, “I’m sorry. Let’s take a step back each, shall we?”

She opened her eyes and said in a hoarse voice, “It wasn’t me.”

Tanner looked at her. Honestly, he did not suspect Pearl at all. He was just taking advantage of that to give himself a reason not to let her go. “No matter if it’s you or not, I’m not letting you leave my side.” He released her and rose up to get himself changed. It was only when he left the room and closed the door with a slam that Pearl closed her eyes. When Tanner exited the hotel, he received a call from his bodyguard. “Mr. Hannigan, we’ve found the identities of those people. They’re loan sharks.”

He stood beside his car. “Loan sharks?” “Yes,” the bodyguard replied.

Tanner frowned. He hung up the call and fell into deep thought.

‘Loan sharks, huh?’

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