“Nelly.” Anthony came out to find her because he was worried about her. 

Seeing her standing at the door of the lounge, he breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Here you are.”

“Dad,” Naomi hid her hands behind her, “… I met a friend just now, so I chatted with her for a bit.”

Anthony felt helpless. 

“Remember to at least inform me in the future. Otherwise, I’ll be worried.”

“I’m sorry, Dad, I’ll pay more attention to that in the future.” She lowered her head. It was indeed her fault for making her father worried.

Anthony did not ask her anything, and they did not return home until the banquet was over.

Naomi walked back to her room, closed the door, and leaned behind the door. She opened her hand to expose her palm, which was covered with a tiny piece of gauze. Her heart started pounding again upon recalling that scene.

‘I seem to have fallen!’

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forced the woman into jumping off the building. Tsk tsk, the daughter of the Santiagos is actually quite pitiful. Her fiance despises her so much that he ran away with his mistress in public. And now, she’s been made the primary suspect after the death of her fiance’s mistress. Why doesn’t anyone actually

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the elevator. Seeing that Naomi was standing there, pondering about something, she walked up to her and asked, “Naomi, why are you

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and patted her on her shoulder, “Then stop thinking about it already. Ms. Vanderbilt is coming back to the company today.

She smiled and nodded.

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Maisie nodded as if she had thought of something.

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