Lucy suddenly felt a little sympathetic toward Naomi.

‘‘Her family’s upbringing shouldn’t be this strict, right? “

‘‘She’s not allowed to be in contact with others, so has she always been staying at home just like those Victorian ladies in ancient times?

‘No wonder Naomi doesn’t even have a Twitter or Instagram account. I even had to teach her how to create one. How can I not feel sympathetic toward someone who can’t even have access to the Internet?’

She remembered something all of a sudden. 

“Oh cr*p! Then did I just put harm in her way?” Maisie frowned.

 “What harm did you put in her way?”

“I-I thought that Naomi is so good-looking, but it’s a pity that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. So, I thought about making a match out of Mr. Boucher and her.Moreover, I thought that Naomi has a thing for Mr. Boucher too, but what if…”

Maisie paused for a split second.

 “Which Mr. Boucher are you referring to?”

Lucy lowered her head and murmured, “It’s the second heir of the Bouchers.”

Lucy could not help but tell Maisie about what had happened when she was not around. She even reminded Naomi after she found out that the man was the second heir of the Bouchers. 

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