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What was wrong with this man?

Nolan opened the car door and said in a somewhat commanding voice, “I’m not going to have a discussion Get in.”

Maisie laughed She had seen women who were unreasonable but never men!

She got in the car with a stoic expression.

When Nolan asked for her address, Maisie hesitated and seemed to have thought of something. ‘Just stop at the crossroads of Oceana Drive.” SO She wasn’t going to let him send her all the way to her front door Nolan slightly frowned.

Oceana Drive? Isn’t that where the villas by the beach are?

Nolan stopped at the crossroads of Oceana Drive. After Maisie got off, she said thanks and left

Nolan didn‘t leave immediately. He had his eyes on the direction she was headed. That really was the beach villa area!

Maisie walked into the beach villa area. She was careful and kept walking when she got to her villa instead of going in.

Nolan stopped his car just outside the beach villa area while watching the silhouette walk further in. His expression slightly tensed.

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