Chapter 26 

Sergio was never planning to let either one of the Vanderbilt daughters get away tonight. He could just wait until the other one came back, then ravage the both of them!

Willow struggled for a little while before the fast-acting drug took effect. Her body went limp. Too weak to move, her still body leaned against him. Sergio pinned her down. “Come to daddy.” In the ladies’ washroom…

Maisie knelt in front of the toilet. Holding her throat, she puked out every last bit of the juice. She stood up slowly by supporting her hands on the wall.

“D*mn it, both of the juices were spiked!”

Not only was Sergio out to get her, but he was also targeting Willow!

Hah! Willow had wanted to set her up. But no way in hell was Maisie going to just sit there and be played. Willow could have a taste of her own medicine, all by herself!

Maisie washed her face. Feeling slightly sober, she got out of that hellhole as fast as she could.

Standing by the road, Maisie tried to hail a cab, but all the passing cabs were already occupied.

Her head was starting to feel dizzy.

and lowered

by the street with one hand waving. She looked familiar. He took a closer look and was shocked.

over, his eyes dimmed. “Stop the

the road. Nolan stepped and

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someone call out her name, Maisie instantly lifted

nervous gulp and pulled her up from the ground. “What are you doing on the ground? Don’t you

girl crouching at the side of the road, let alone

her head with all her might and shrugged off his helping

to leave, but Nolan pulled her back. Maisie lost her balance and fell into his


 stiffening. Even when Willow had

was about to lose his

 both hands on his shoulders. “Miss Vanderbilt,

fingers, Nolan’s brows scrunched u p. Holding

gentle and soft

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