Chapter 20

Maisie had nothing else to say after listening to that, so she waved her hand. “Okay, you’re a shareholder, and you have the final say here.” 


She turned around and walked to the customers with a smile. “Ladies and gentlemen, please come with me to the VIP room and negotiate about the details.”

The customers nodded and followed Maisie to the VIP room.

Willow was delighted deep down when she listened to how Nolan protected her.

‘I knew that I’m still Nolan’s bias.’

“Nolan, I didn’t know that such an incident would happen. I’ll pay more attention in the future.” Willow gave off a sincere and apologetic attitude while admitting her mistakes.

Nolan took a glimpse at her and said with a cold tone, “You don’t understand the market, so just don’t walk right into such a situation in the future. Just let Maisie deal with it.”

Nolan walked away with Quincy.

nails sank into the palm of

‘Maisie, Maisie, Maisie!

I not chased her away through this incident, but I also have to leave everything to her. I’m the

room, Maisie asked the employees to bring in the authentic versions of the products that the customers had bought and placed them on the table. “As an apology, these will be given to you as gifts. As for the payments, they’ve been refunded through respective platforms and will be

up and bowed to

her hand. “It’s okay. We’ve got the general picture of the whole incident now, plus you’ve also given us an

for your understanding, madam.” Maisie sent the customers to the door personally,

looked up, and saw Nolan standing in front of the French windows in


mood dissipated immediately. “Mr. Goldmann, you do

floor where Willow’s office is

slowly turned around,

her lips and stepped forward. “What’s the matter, Mr. Goldmann? Are you here to vent for

you stop talking like that all the time?” Nolan did

who I am.” Maisie

were pressed into

not the attitude that she gives off when she’s dealing with others. She’s hostile when

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