Chapter 21

Inside the car…

Nolan looked out of the car window absently, as if he was still pondering about what Maisie had said. Lost in his train of thoughts, he did not hear Quincy calling out to him repeatedly.

“Sir.” Quincy raised his voice.

Finally, Nolan came back to his senses and rubbed his forehead. “What is it?”

Quincy held up the phone to him. “You have a call from your father, Mr. Goldmann.”

Nolan took the phone from his hands and answered, “Dad.”

On the other side of the line, at the Goldmann family estate…

“You little rascal, did you go and knock someone’s daughter up?”

Nolan’s father sat in his backyard sipping scotch. The photo displayed on his tablet showed two kids with an uncanny resemblance to his own son.

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