Chapter 22 

Daisie turned her head to look at him. “We, too, have also seen a man who looks a lot like us.”

“Oh?” Nolan’s father was just about to pose his question when he heard the loud greeting of the bodyguard standing by the garden. “Good day, Mr. Goldmann.”

Nolan marched right into the pavilion. He glanced at the two children sitting next to his old man and finally said, “Dad, how could you bring these children here without asking?”

“And why can‘t I? These children look just like you, so I invited them over to be my guests. Is there a problem?”

Nolan‘s father patted Daisie’s head, then gave each of the children a slice of frosted cake.“ Here, have a bite. This is the best frosted cake in town.”

“Thank you, Grandpa!”

The two kids took the cake offered to them. With a loud nom, Daisie held the cake in her palm, unable to wait a moment longer, and took a huge bite.

Nolan felt helpless. He had not expected his father to bring them all the way here just because of a photo he saw.

munchkins. Grandpa

father finished speaking, he got up and

really our grandpa? From the looks of it, he seems to like

 as Grandpa likes us enough, we’ll be able to acknowledge our daddy and kidnap him home with us.“ Daisie nodded in agreement.

kids over just because they resemble me.

 couldn‘t care less about

 behind the desk, he looked at Nolan. “You’re not getting any younger either.


Nolan kept quiet.

sure that you never had children with other women? Because both Waylon Vanderbilt’s



their information when everything was right beneath your eyes?” Nolan’s father tapped the documents

someone to the Royal Crown

hand-Name: Waylon Vanderbilt, Daisie Vanderbilt, both

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