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“$150,000,000 isn‘t enough for you to burn.”

Maisie was rendered speechless.

Colton hung his little head. “And it’s tough for you to bring in money and take care of us. You don‘t have a man to take care of you, so we wanted to share your burden.”

Waylon nodded.

Seeing that they were so mature at such a young age, Maisie was torn between being glad and sad

She had been trying hard to give them the best life they could get Even though they didn‘t have a father, she wasn’t going to let people look down on them

Maisie knew that her children were mature. She didn’t have to worry much, but she wished that they would complain to her sometimes. It would make her feel better.

She looked down and smiled with a quiet sigh. “Alright, I know you‘re trying to help, but getting into the entertainment business is too risky. Let’s talk about it when you‘re older You‘re still young. That‘s not a good place for you to be in.”

tricky place, and Waylon

people might manipulate them.


the door, and climbed

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 like a grown–up “Mommy seems to be worried that Daisie and I will

said with a cheeky smile, “What



 Colton smiled happily. “But we‘ll need the

say who their father was, they could get a “Godfather” who was just as cool as their father.

it’s not about what you know but who you know.

At Vaenna Jewelry…


man was in his 40s, he was still fit

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