Chapter 33 

If he really was the man from six years ago…

Maisie’s eyes suddenly turned cold. Willow had arranged everything on the night she was tainted. She had even brought in that man But if Nolan was the man Willow had gotten to destroy her, he would have known about her.

Furthermore, she wouldn’t believe that Willow would send a man like him to her bed. She probably would have kept him for herself.

Seeing that she wasn’t responding, Ryleigh asked, “Zee, don’t you think so?”

“Even if it really was him, do you think a man that Willow used would be a man fit to be my children‘s father?” Maisie asked rhetorically,

Ryleigh was rendered speechless. That was an awesome statement!

‘In Zlokova, only Zee would have the guts to think that Mr. Goldmann wasn’t good enough.‘

Maisie’s phone started buzzing.  Next chapter upload

When she saw that it was Colton, she left the hall in a hurry after saying something to Ryleigh

answered the phone in the

asked me to check if we should keep some supper for you, just in case

for me.” Maisie smiled warmly. She was content with having three angels who were

her. She didn‘t know how long he had been there. Had he

 boyfriend asking you to go back already?” Nolan asked

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his jacket and gave it back to

back. Instead, he looked down and calmly said, “I’ll send you


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would probably be jealous.” She pushed

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 Goldmann, I‘m shocked by your sudden

 turn cold.

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