Chapter 32 

The men in the crowd were staring at Maisie’s curvaceous body.

When men looked at women, they would usually start at their bodies and move toward the face. Who wouldn’t like a woman with a great body and a pretty face?

However, right after that man said that, he shuddered because he felt a pair of eyes on him. The stare seemed to have come from… where Mr. Goldmann was standing!

After the dance ended, a round of applause erupted.  Next chapter upload

Maisie walked away from the crowd in a hurry while trying to find Ryleigh. Suddenly.

someone held onto her. She turned around, and she was standing right in front of Nolan


Before she could finish, “swoosh“, a jacket covered her from the top.

Maisie took off his jacket and doubtfully asked, “What is this supposed to mean?”

 on.” Nolan sounded a

how this gown looks,

curtains, putting one hand on the wall and holding her

this woman know how many men were staring at

a finger and poked his shoulder. “Mr. Goldmann, there are plenty of women who are in dresses that show off their figures. Why don’t

 choice of clothing should be her freedom. Why should men get involved? On topo f that, didn’t all gowns look about the same?

keep that on.” Nolan

“I don‘t–”

his head and got closer. “I can help you put it on

was as stable as a volcano. The temperature rose quickly in the small space behind the



started to sweat. This annoying man was standing too close. Was

 onto the jacket, wrapped it around herself tightly, and pushed him away.” I‘ll put it on. You don‘t have to get so close. I don‘t want people

 thin lips, and his eyes

 close to impulsively giving her a

was a

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