At the airport of the royal capital of Bassburgh… 


Among the sea of tourists, a mother and child walked out. At that moment, all eyes were on them.

To be precise, it was actually a mother with three exquisitely beautiful children.

The woman was glamorous and poised. What made people stop and stare was the stunningly gorgeous little girl she was carrying in one arm. The girl had thick, curly locks, which made her look just like a doll.

The two similar-looking boys following alongside her had excellent features, a pair of sparkling amber eyes, dark brown hair, and milky-white skin. They seemed so surreal!

The woman standing in front of the BMW took off her sunglasses. Watching Maisie Vanderbilt carrying a child in her arms and the other two following closely behind, she gasped in shock. “Holy cow, Zee! You had three kids in just one pregnancy?”

She was rendered speechless by the sight of them! Forget the fact that Maisie had triplets, what was truly unbelievable was how they looked like angels sent from Heaven, and they were still so young! The woman could not help but wonder who was this handsome celestial being that Maisie had slept with!

Maisie put down the little girl in her arms. Touching all three of their little heads, she said to them, “Meet your godmother, Ryleigh Hill.”

Ryleigh was Maisie Vanderbilt’s best friend. After getting kicked out of the Vanderbilt manor, she had gone abroad. Ryleigh had stayed by her side the entire time.

Not long after settling down, she had realized she was pregnant. She had considered abortion. It was Ryleigh who had kept trying to persuade her otherwise that she finally decided to keep the babies.

In order to allow her best friend a comfortable life abroad, the headstrong daddy’s princess pawned one of her father’s antiques, which was worth $6,000,000, and gave Maisie the money.

Maisie’s bank cards had been frozen when she got kicked out of the Vanderbilt manor. If it weren’t for Ryleigh, Maisie would have been sleeping on the streets.

“Nice to meet you, Godmother!” The three rugrats bowed down in an unsynchronized manner as they greeted her with their honey-soaked kiddie voices.

Overwhelmed by their cuteness, Ryleigh felt the blood rush to her head. She smiled and waved back at them. “Aww, you sweethearts are such angels!”

The second eldest, Colton Vanderbilt, turned his head to his eldest brother, Waylon Vanderbilt, and garbled, “Our godmother sure looks silly!”

Maisie placed each of her hands onto the two boys’ heads. “What are you two whispering about?”

“Umm…” Colton hesitated.

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Although Vaenna belonged to the Vanderbilts, it was her mother’s blood, sweat, and tears. She couldn’t believe that her father had actually left Vaenna in the hands of

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