Chapter 23

“On the contrary, Mommy said that we should always learn a thing or two about our ancestry. In fact, Mommy is a fan of antiques. Otherwise, Mommy couldn’t have come up with her unique designs of ‘Victorian-style antique jewelry‘ back in Stoslo.”

Nolan’s father chuckled. “Then, I would really love to meet your mommy one day.”

Daisie felt triumphant as she had finally gotten her grandpa’s attention on Mommy!

Nolan glanced at Waylon, who was standing beside him. The little boy raised his hand and wiped his cheek, then he turned around and gave Nolan a seemingly unfriendly glare.

Unexpectedly, the boy’s glare reminded Nolan of someone else.

“The last time I saw you, you had a mole on the corner of your eye.”

Waylon rubbed the corner of his eye and said defensively, “I drew that on.”

you lost!” Daisie

Seeing the little girl laugh so gleefully, he somehow found himself laughing along with her. Perhaps he was getting old and starting to like

so Nolan sent Waylon and Daisie back to


waved at him. Holding her brother’s hand, the two of them hopped their

while he watched their backs as they entered the front door.

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At the Vanderbilt manor…

asked again about what happened six years ago?” Leila walked toward Willow and sat down beside

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she had made up a story, giving Nolan the false impression that what had happened back

them out. To her surprise, she had seen the two of them getting in the

 Nolan, so obviously,

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