Chapter 18

Maisie looked at her with her arms crossed. “Why don’t you direct that question of yours to your boyfriend? Why are you asking me that?” 


‘This sounds absolutely absurd. She makes it sound like I’ve snatched her man from her.’

Willow’s face turned pale due to the rage. “Maisie Vanderbilt, you won’t be preening yourself for long, just you wait!”

She flung her arm and left after leaving such a threat behind.

Maisie squinted her eyes as she gazed at Willow leaving the scene. ‘Who will be the triumphant one in the end? That’s still unknown.’

At Maisie’s office…

Maisie was sitting in front of the computer surfing the Internet, and suddenly a staff member walked in in a hurry. “Ms. Zora, something has happened!”

seeing that she

few customers bought our jewelry in the store and found that they were all fakes. They’ve tracked the origin of the jewelry to our

finished explaining, Maisie lowered her eyes, turned off her

the few guests, who had come to the

decades, and yet you’re manufacturing fakes. Do you

fake pearls. Are you trying to con your customers just because of your reputation now?” A lady threw the bracelet on the table agitatedly. “We’ll see if your jewelry business

her with a smile. “Madam, calm down. We’ve already communicated

at that! It’s clearly bought in


be some issues with the supplier’s materials. Don’t worry, I’ll ask

double the compensation.” Maisie’s voice sounded, and everyone’s gaze fell on her, who arrived

walked to the counter, picked up the pearl bracelet, and took a glance

told you it’s fake!” The lady

materials, and the purchasing department also purchased the materials according to the order slip that you

secretary behind her took out the order that she had gotten from the purchasing department and handed it

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