Chapter 29

Maisie walked out and shut the door to Willow’s office.

Looking at the document Willow had signed, Maisie smirked. Dealing with simpletons was so mundane.

Just then, à call from Ryleigh came through.

Maise walked toward the stairs before she picked up the call.

“Zee, could you come with me to my Uncle Boucher‘s birthday party tonight? I told my dad that I would bring the infamous designer, Zora. He‘s been wanting to meet you since forever!”

Hearing how excited Ryleigh was, Maisie answered reluctantly, “But I don‘t even know the Bouchers…”

“But I do! Since you‘re back in the country, you should get to know more people. Who knowsYou might even meet your soulmate tonight!”

mother of three kids. What

 on! Say

Maisie had no choice but


nobility here in the royal capital. The other elite families around paled in comparison to them. Even the Goldmanns-who held great authority in Bassburgh and ranked alongside the Bouchers-would not risk offending them. However, the Goldmanns trod

eldest, Helios Boucher, was an A-list film star in the entertainment industry of Zlokova who had won awards for two film festivals. He was known as the nation’s hunk with over two hundred million fans. Not to

stairs, turned to hurry Maisie out of the car. The moment she stepped out, Ryleigh‘s jaw hung ajar. Maisie wore a graceful black and gold dress with a deep neckline and a cinched waist, showing off


swayed with every step she took. Along with the delicate makeup she had on, she was beautiful, like a goddess who had come

Ryleigh gaping back at her, Maisie knocked her head with the clutch in her hand.“ What are you staring

her. “Why am I not a man? How infuriating! I‘m so jealous of the

perfect wife was

to be a man, all you

arm through Maisie’s, they

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