“Mommy told us we can only tell anyone who asks her name that mommy is Her Royal Highness.” Daisie giggled. 


Nova could not help but burst into laughter, but she quickly held it back.

‘Haha, aren’t these two pumpkins way too adorable? What kind of mother has been teaching them all this while?’

Nolan’s gaze moved away, and he glanced at Waylon, who looked exactly like him.

If it weren’t for the fact that Willow was the only person who had slept with him in the past, he would have to wonder if he was the father of these two children.

Daisie glanced at her watch and said, “Mr. Handsum, we have to go home now. Otherwise, Her Royal Highness will start to worry.”

Nolan put her down, turned around, and said to Quincy, “Send these two children back.”

Quincy was stunned for a short moment and then nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“Goodbye, Mr. Handsum!” Daisie waved at Nolan, held her brother’s hand, and left the studio with Quincy.

The moment she went out, she showed Waylon a strand of hair triumphantly.

Daisie pulled the hem of Quincy’s clothes as they walked out of the entrance of the building. “Sir, our mommy is sick, and she’s in the hospital. Can you drive us to the hospital?”

Quincy was stupefied. He exclaimed inwardly that these two children were really quite thoughtful. “Okay, get in the car.”

At Seaview Villa…

practicing the piano alone. She looked around. “Where are Daisie

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and rubbed his little head. Colton was extremely disgusted and complained, “Mommy,

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that. By the way, Mommy, I’ve been enrolled at the Royal Academy of Music

scholarship. You can then send Waylon and Daisie to international schools to study. Mommy, you should

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Music Academy in Stoslo had even made an exception and wanted to recruit


old now. Although she wanted to wait until he was six before sending them to schools, Colton loved music and had good grades. Thus, she could not

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