Chapter 15

Maisie took a deep breath to calm herself down and smiled. “I’m not sure what’s the attitude that Mr. Goldmann wants to see from us. If it’s an apology, then I’ll apologize to you on her behalf.” 


‘All he wants is an apology, isn’t it?’

Maisie harnessed all the positive attitude that she had in her and bowed to him. “I’m sorry, Mr. Goldmann.”

Seeing that she had lowered her posture, Nolan felt a little ironic. “I didn’t expect Miss Vanderbilt to apologize on behalf of her friend. I really can’t tell that you’re someone who would do something to hurt your sister.”

Maisie straightened her body suspiciously. “What does Mr. Goldmann mean by that?”

‘I hurt my sister? Is he talking about Willow?’

Nolan approached her, leaned closer to her face, and said with an unconcerned tone, “I thought you’re someone who would bear the consequences of all her doings, but now it seems that you’re nothing more than that.”

He said while turning around indifferently, “I’ll let today’s incident slide this once.”

Ryleigh’s heart, which had been on the brink of beating its way out of her chest through her throat, finally calmed down upon seeing them leave. But as soon as she thought of the words that Nolan said to Maisie just now, she asked, “Zee, what does Mr. Goldmann mean by that?”

“How would I know?” Maisie smiled. “I guess it’s because he thinks that I’m currently targeting Willow deliberately, so he has to speak up for her as her man, am I right?”

“What? Willow Vanderbilt is Mr. Goldmann’s lover?” Ryleigh was shocked. “Is Mr. Goldmann blind? There are so many women in the world, and he took a fancy to a woman like Willow?”

Maisie turned her head and glanced at her. “You’re still thinking about gossip? I would suggest you start coming up with an explanation for your father when you get home.”

She walked away right after she finished speaking.

Ryleigh pouted and caught up to her footsteps immediately.

The next day…

Maisie took out a list of the raw materials that needed to be purchased and handed it to the purchasing department staff. “Just order the rough diamonds according to my purchasing slip. You’ll be responsible for any mistake that emerges this time around.

The clerk in the purchasing department took a look at the list on the slip and nodded. “Alright.”

was sorting out the list of required acquisitions when Maisie was about to leave, and that

put the list on the table, got up, walked up to

picture of the original ore

she sent the photo to

not help but lift the corners of her lips

purchasing department, then

rang. Willow picked up the

several times, but why has it been turned off?” Leila could not get to her over her cell phone, so she could only call the landline

phone was smashed into pieces by that b*tch, so it’s nothing unusual if you couldn’t reach me through it. I’ll

Mr. Goldmann back for a meal with you tonight. Your father won’t let that b*tch succeed as long as you

see Nolan go back for

the past six years, Nolan had never said that he wanted to go to the Vanderbilts manor for a

what you need to do to achieve that. Don’t forget, your father has high hopes for you now.

and get her daughter to secure her position as the official Mrs. Goldmann. She had been feeling

Leila’s words made sense.

has come back, and in addition to her


and went through the information of all the company’s previous staff. Her eyes were fixed on Mr. Kennedy

assistant. He had been managing Vaenna Jewelry

had started declining

vibrated all of a

appeared on the screen—it was her

but hesitate


little new and strange to her when she came back to the Vanderbilts manor once

tea. She put down the teacup and got up as soon as she saw Maisie’s arrival. “Oh,

but think of the slap that Daisie took on her cheek,

a slap. You’ll have to return

you’ve returned to Zlokova. That’s why he called you to come back here for

I have a feeling that this meal is going to be my

home country. He must’ve gotten the

six years too, but he specially asked me to come home for dinner today. The main thing that

our family

That somehow feels a lot kinder.” Maisie emphasized the word “kinder” as if

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