‘Everyone knows that Nolan is a VIP who the royal family of Stoslo once received, and he’s also friends with the princess of Stoslo. It’s only natural that he’s seen the commemorative medal of the royal family. He’ll see through her tricks even if she were to be able to show him something!’ 


Maisie scoffed. “Why would I show you such a precious item?”

This implied that she was unworthy!

Willow was trembling from the wrath, but there was still a smirk on her face. “Does this mean that you don’t have the guts to do so?

“Just look at her, Nolan. She’s a liar. She clearly knew that you were once received by the royal family and would recognize the medal. That’s why she doesn’t dare to take it out.” Willow’s attitude toward Nolan was totally different.

Nolan’s thin lips were raised coldly. “The payment of $150,000,000 is my idea. Hiring Zora as our designer is also my idea. Hence, I’ll let today’s affair slide if you can prove that you’re indeed Zora.

“But if you were to fail to do so…” Nolan approached Maisie and uttered word by word, “You won’t survive another day in Bassburgh.”

A faint fragrance coming from a cologne stunned Maisie when Nolan approached.

‘It’s Gucci cologne!’

‘Why is he applying the same cologne as the man from that night six years ago?’

Looking at her pale face, Nolan straightened his posture and did not provide her with another chance. “Since you can’t prove it, then leave by yourself. Don’t make me ask someone to chase you out.”

Willow sneered triumphantly.

‘Maisie, oh, Maisie. It’s been six years, why even bother to come back here just to dig your own grave?’

Maisie lifted her head abruptly and smiled brightly. “Sir, are you sure about that?”

Nolan squinted as he stared at her silently.

“Sir, then what would you do about the slap that I just took cheek-on from Miss Vanderbilt if I can prove my identity?”

Willow’s expression changed again as she glanced at Nolan cautiously.

Although she was now Nolan’s lover, he had not even touched her throughout all these years. If it weren’t for her flawless scheme and her choice to reserve the room with her own ID from six years ago, he would have doubted her since long ago.


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