As Maisie turned around, she met the man’s sharp gaze. She was dumbfounded by the sight of this man’s face. 


The man had pale white skin, exquisitely profound facial features, distinct amber eyes that seemed to hide a pool of unfathomable coldness, and tight, thin lips that could cut like a knife.

His face was so similar to both Colton and Waylon. Even his eyes were the exact same color!

Maisie had only found out she was having triplets when she went into labor in Stoslo. Neither her firstborn nor the second had inherited any of her features. However, her youngest had some resemblance to her, but with ink-black hair—just like that of the man standing in front of her now.

Maisie’s eyes filled with curiosity as she gazed at the man before her.

‘Who is this man? What is his relationship with Willow?’

Nolan Goldmann focused his gaze on Maisie’s face. He scrunched up his brows. ‘This woman…’

Catching Nolan as he studied Maisie’s face, Willow silently gnashed her teeth. ‘Sh*t, there’s no way Nolan would recognize her, right?’

No way was she going to let that happen!

She put her hands around Nolan’s arm, and with a pitiful gaze, she said, “Nolan, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have acted so impulsively. But my father poured his heart into Vaenna Jewelry. I only did it because I felt protective of the company.”

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at that moment, Nolan’s cold gaze swept past her. Willow was forced to hold back her words before she could finish speaking. Her

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