Chapter 14

Leila may be angry with Maisie, but she had accumulated all the wrath within her. Thus, she went to Stephen and complained about Maisie as soon as she got home. 


Stephen put down the newspaper, obviously a little surprised. “Zee has returned to Zlokova?”

“Yeah, she’s now Zora, a world-renowned jewelry designer. I heard Willie say that she’s so bold that she doesn’t even care to flatter Mr. Goldmann, let alone Willie and I.”

Since Stephen knew that his daughter Willow was in a relationship with Mr. Goldmann, he had high hopes for her and valued her a lot.

Hence, it was only natural that he could not just sit back and watch from the side when he learned that Maisie was talking back to Mr. Goldmann. After all, not only did Stephen want the reputation and status, but he also did not want to offend the Goldmanns. How could he bear to sit on the bench through this whole incident and witness as his perfect son-in-law was being taken away from him?

Stephen folded the newspaper and put it down. “This girl, I haven’t seen her in six years, and she’s managed to provoke Mr. Goldmann?”

Leila sat beside him and held his arm, pretending to be aggrieved. “Yeah, right? I went to the company today to remind her about that out of kindness, but she… She scolded me.

“Dear, Zee has always listened to your advice the most. We can’t let her keep on acting so foolishly. We won’t know when Willie will be embroiled in Mr. Goldmann’s wrath for her. It’d be difficult to handle when that time comes.”

Stephen’s expression dimmed slightly as he suggested solemnly, “I will get that girl to come back home tomorrow.”

Leila was complacent deep down when she heard this.

‘I might not be able to talk back at you b*tch, but I refuse to believe that even your father cannot do anything about that foul mouth of yours.’


When they were eating dinner, Maisie saw that Daisie’s cheek was a little puffy and then creased her brows. “Daisie, what’s wrong with your cheek?”

“Mummy, we went to lunch with Godmother today, and we ran into Willow’s mother. That bad woman questioned us if we were your kids all of a sudden, and she even hit Daisie.”

Maisie’s expression turned gloomy instantly, and she almost bent her metal spoon. If it weren’t for fear of scaring her triplets, she would have gone out with a knife now.

‘D*mn you, Leila! That’s why she came to my office to look for me earlier today.

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