Chapter 7

“Madam Beautipul, we’re here to audition!” Daisie raised her head, her eyes looking crystal clear as if a star was hidden in each of them. 


Nova took a deep breath and calmed her racing heart.

‘How could such adorable and lovable children belong to Mr. Goldmann? According to my acquaintance with Mr. Goldmann, there’s no way that he would’ve been able to give birth to such lovely kids.’

She knelt and rubbed their little heads. “What are your names?”

“My name is Daisie.”

“My name is Waylon.”

The two rugrats answered in unison.

Nova was fascinated by their cuteness.

‘Putting their cuteness aside, they also look incredibly gorgeous. If they were to be placed in front of a camera…’

Nova recovered from her trance, got up, and shouted to the staff around her, “You guys, hurry up! Bring these two little models in and put some clothes on them!”

She could not wait to see the results already!

The Maybach pulled over at the side of the road in front of the Blackgold Tower. The driver asked all the bodyguards waiting at the entrance to shove the surrounding crowd to the side and form two neat rows.

Nolan got out of the car and strode straight into the lobby with his long legs.

On the other side of the headquarters, Nova, who had taken a few sets of photos, sent two of the photos taken to Quincy without giving the photos any touch-ups.

Quincy slowed down, took the phone out of his pocket, and took a glance at it. He looked shocked and magnified the photo out of astonishment.

to Nolan hurriedly. “Mr.

the elevator dedicated to him as the security guard pressed the button to open the elevator. He then entered the elevator while Quincy handed him his

took a look at the screen of the phone,

weren’t for important matters, he would barely fix his gaze on a screen for longer than a

The brand endorsement department of ‘Young Faces’ has found these two little models, and they look rather similar

eyes looked exactly the same as those of Nolan. The facial features of the two children looked

phone to him. “Where are the

still be in the

get himself to the floor where the shooting was taking place. For some reason, he wanted to

of the entire Blackgold Tower. He clicked on the screen to zoom in, saw Nolan walking toward the photography

wearing vibrated, so he walked to the side quietly and answered the call. “Colton, how is


come to look for the two of you now. Go and get Daisie to approach


Daisie and whispered in her ear after ending the call. The

sat in front of the computer

We’ll get to know whether Nolan Goldmann is our daddy or not after we get our hands on his hair for DNA verification. We’ll get to the bottom of everything

department, and Nova greeted him with

before Nolan could open his mouth. “Where are

there.” Nova pointed in the

stepping on the chair and looking into the lens of

toward the

the two kids looked back only to see

gazes with Nolan. Waylon also stood in

same as Nolan’s when

are you?” Waylon directed a question that he had already known the answer to Nolan

his eyes.

even your

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