Chapter 13

Seeing that Nolan was really annoyed, Leila knew that it would not do her anything good if she were to provoke Nolan at that moment. 


She gnashed her teeth and bowed her head to the two children. “I’m sorry, kids. It’s aunty’s fault, so please forgive me.”

‘D*mn, I can’t take things lightly before I get to the bottom of this matter. They definitely can’t stay here if they’re really that b*tch’s children!’

Nolan looked at Daisie after Leila left.

Daisie suddenly raised her face and grabbed Colton’s hand. “Sorry, mister, we don’t want to eat anymore. We want to go home.”

Nolan was flustered, but thinking back to what happened just now, he knew that the children were probably frightened too. “Okay, I’ll send you back.”

“Never mind, we’ll go back by ourselves.” Daisie took Colton’s hand and left quickly.

Quincy looked dumbfounded. “Mr. Goldmann, these kids do have quite a temper, huh?”

Nolan did not respond to him but looked at the two small figures from behind. He was not sure what to think about at this moment.

Colton’s tears had already dried out when the two came out of the hotel. He even smiled while bragging to Daisie, “How was it? Aren’t my acting skills top-notch?”

However, Daisie could not laugh.

Colton looked at the redness and swelling on her cheeks and said angrily, “D*mn it, that old witch actually had the guts to hit you. I’ll never let her go when I meet her again!”

“Colton, that aunty is Willow’s mother. Is it true that Daddy won’t want to recognize us?”

by the fact that her father had only demanded Leila to apologize, not pressing the matter further. It was obvious that he did not care

not want them anymore,

case. That vicious woman has only blinded Daddy. Let’s wait a little longer. We’ll be able to reveal who our daddy is

him so easily now. Daddy will surely fight with Mommy for our custody if the person that he truly loves is Willow. He’s so powerful in Zlokova, and Mommy will

wait for

on protecting Willow. We can protect Mommy

Daisie nodded. “Yeah!”

At Vaenna Jewelry…

it, the more she could not let it slide. Thus, she had rushed

Maisie could already confirm whose voice it was before

on the acquisition of the rough diamonds, and did not even bother to lift her eyelids. “Ms. Scott, can you quit b*tching around with the world ‘b*tch? This is really not a flattering

“You’re really quite a schemer, huh? You actually returned to Zlokova with two b*stards after six


documents immediately and looked up at Leila indifferently. “What do

“I met two children in a restaurant today. Now give it to me straight. Are the


I don’t understand what you’re

restaurant? Could it be that Ryleigh brought them to

don’t plan to let the Vanderbilts know that I’ve brought my babies back as I

really not know about this?” Leila looked

them myself, but you’re blabbering here as if you’ve seen them in person before

Leila wondered.

it true that those two children really

interrogation just because you saw two children. Why are you so worried that the children are

second, Maisie laughed. “You made it sound like I’ve given birth to your children. Instead of bothering yourself

Leila was so angry that she was

Jewelry, and I’ve found a batch of adulterated rough diamonds now. So do you think my father would still give your daughter the management

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