Chapter 2771

“Daisie.” Leah and Morrison walked up to her with wine glasses. “You look so pretty today.”

“Thank you,” Daisie said with a smile.

Leah lifted her wine glass. “I propose a toast. Morrison and I wish you a happy marriage.”

Daisie clinked glasses with her “Same goes for you and Morrison.”

After the toast, Cameron walked up to Daisie with Waylon. Behind them were Freyja, Colton, Maisie, and Nolan.

Maisie raised her hand and caressed her on the cheek. “You were great earlier today.”

She giggled. “Really?”

Nolan added, “You’ll forever be our dazzling pride, so yes.”

grinned as if she was still the little princess of the

Mom, a toast to the both of you. Thank

softly, picked up his wine glass, and clinked glasses with him. You’d better treat my daughter well

at Daisie. “Don’t worry. She’ll forever be

Maisie chuckled.

and he said, “There’s still one ceremony that has yet

was puzzled. “Is there another

take place on the balcony.

“Yorrick, why are you more

seen the legendary Kiss of

Everyone else laughed too.

was puzzled “What’s the Kiss of the

and its people. As such, the affectionate kiss between the princess and the crown prince, which took place on the balcony, moved many people that day. That was why it was called the ‘Kiss of

the story. “I see

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