Chrissy's POV

I never close an eye, I just couldn't sleep not knowing what she's going through are she losing her mind taking care of herself or working on those pigs nerves who took her because she can be crazy sometimes.

"Oh God I know I never have been praying to you but if you look down at me now please please speak into those people's heart make them so calm everytime they eyes landed on your dear child Lucia protect her lord be with her lord please Amen."

I close my eyes and hope that the gods from above have heard my prayers, my tears fall out of my eyes as I'm sobbing looking out into the blue sky as the sun shining bright busy to go down, its all most night and since Jacky left with Brenda they didn't return back yet Making me feel more worse then anything. I won't be able to lose both of them they meant so much to me, but I couldn't hold jacky back is her job to be there for her sister that I understand.

"They will find you we will find you my sister Brenda is out there looking for you just stay strong."I was startled when I heard the front door from downstairs been slam close and loud voices that sound like yelling. I rise from the couch and look down at LJ, she has been sleeping since we got here in my room.

I look down at her moving my hand down her face as she looks so peaceful sleeping she must be really tired. I kiss down on her forehead and run out of the room downstairs towards where the shouting, screams and things being thrown coming from.

I stop halfway as my eyes widen in shocked as fear consume me. I couldn't move nor move my eyes by what I'm witnessing right now, Brenda was killing everyone in her way while her mother and father was trying to help her calm down as people with white clothes running pass the door, looks like doctors and nurse as they all try to hold her down but she doesn't let them catch her.

The front hall has become a battle field the body guards every one was trying to hold her down.

She scream, "Out who is working with them who is helping them To kidnap my Mate! she move in an unnatural speed breaking necks, ripping and shredding. I heard the crack sound of bones breaking, tears  running down from my eyes like a waterFall, as I still couldn't move. She speed towards noami and snapped her neck in just seconds hearing the people scream as her body felt lifeless on the floor.

"Brenda stop! Norma yell out with a loud growl as she speed towards Brenda who  held her mother in her hands baring out her fangs towards her. Norma jump on her neck making her growl as she tries to break her neck but she was so strong as the black shadows surrounding Norma hearing her scream seeing her body flying away from brenda who throw her mother into the kitchen wall.

"Hold her down! her father shouted as he move towards his wife who was thrown into the wall.

"Khatsiwe you need to put a barrier around her right now", I heard Brenda's mother yell at Khatsiwe making Brenda's head snap towards where Khatsiwe stands.

The person I look at wasn't Brenda she was someone else her eyes was so red it looks like a blood of pool. Black shadows flow all around her as it makes me feel like I can die. She move very fast, it was impossible for those who she aimed at to know what's her next move going to be as she focus on Khatsiwe.

Her eyes lande on a dark-skinned woman as she growl her fangs was long and her her claws was very long it looks like sharp knife, I was shaking so much sweat was mixing with my tears rolling down my face.

"Chrissy get out of here! I heard jacky yell for me, but I couldn't see her through this crowd of dead bodies or what bodies full of blood.

a bloodpool. The people with white clothes help

a huge headache creeps out, I couldn't stand to look at this but I couldn't move myself to move I couldn't close my eyes it felt like it was

you need to stop this if want to save your mate!, Khatsiwe shoute as a purple light looking like a boil moving

glowing light coming from Khatsiwe hands as she still hold it out in front

her body fly through as the others follow after them so is Khatsiwe but still with the

piece making me gaspe, my mouth hang open feeling how my eyes wide it felt like it could

voice called out for me but i couldn't move just yet and i know it was LJ and her witnessing all this all the blood and all

sexy voice feeling her hands on my face as she holds my face,

said, she was still here I

eyes towards where she stands in front of me. I close my eyes feeling the warm Tears rolling down

your room Now! jacky growl at her, hearing small Footstep Running up the stairs as I

okay you going to be just fine", she said as

my eyes and stutter out finally gain back my voice and breathe, but it was hard it felt like everything, my

think about it too much", she said feeling her cold lips on my forehead as

open,"where's mommy? LJ Asked. I was

feeling how hard my head start to beat as the headache stricks, I lay my hand down on my forehead and wipe

was by my side in seconds feeling her cold hand on my forehead as she

LJ asked again as I move my head towards her and stick out my hand for her seeing how red her eyes was making me

to me and climb on the bed and lay her small head on my chest as i play with her hair hearing

I told her looking up to Jacky who look so lost as she lean with her

so broken by her cries, I know darling I also want them to be okay....", we were startled

chrissy", she said as the woman walk towards the

earning a loud growl and angry

alright? LJ ask Jacky where they sit down at

  examining me she look at me with a smile and look to Jacky who was busy talking with LJ who

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