Chrissy POV

We were all sitting together in the sit room just saying nothing,waiting for Mr and Mrs swartz. I wasn't really in the mood to be here. Jacky she dragged me down here.

Everything just seem so boring and lifeless, I felt so bad because my two families wasn't here and I feel out of place. I felt Jacky shift next to me as she take my hand and interlace it with hers making me smile. I face her seeing her smile at me as I smile back at her.

"you fine? she asked me.

"Uh mm, I hope so" , I told her playing with her beautiful long white fingers. Dirty thoughts consuming my mind while I think how this finger will feel somewhere else feeling how my cheeks burn out for thinking this at times like this. I shift my mind to think something else .

I felt uncomfortable been in the presence with Mr maasdorp I look to his direction when I felt someone was staring at me something about him is very familiar and I don't like the vide he is giving off when he look at me.

Ever since what happened with Brenda slaughter almost every one, everyone was on the outlook when she's going to breakdown again. We still don't have any clues where the people may have taken Lucia and it's working on all of us. I didn't see aunt Cathy since everything happened and she wasn't here this morning but luckily Naomi is here but her mind doesn't seems to be here.

The house has become very silent, I can even hear the birds from outside and the sound of LJ playing games on her phone. She look very peaceful and beautiful sitting on her mom's lap.

I couldn't stare long at the beautiful view of them when I flince seeing Brenda's red eyes lande on me feeling like someone was choking me as I struggle to breathe. Dark shadows was surrounding them giving the room a dark light.

She must be really in a bad state. She isn't looking like herself any more.she look more pale, Her mind wasn't even here, is like she has blocked everything and everyone out. She is just in her own world, it's really heart broken seeing her like that.

I wonder what's happening with Lucia at the very moment, I hope that she is really okay and no one is hurting her. I can't take it not knowing what's happening to her while we just seat here doing nothing. I can't take it anymore, I can't.

I shifted feeling a huge pain running down my heart not knowing the state my lovely sister is in right now. Who could have taken her and why. My eyes starts to get wet, I blink my eyes trying to hold back my tears. My throat is closing. I swallow the lump sitting in my throat as I move from Jacky's grip and barried my head in my hands.

okay? I heard Jacky's small sexy voice ask me, she moves her hand

but just when I was about to leave the room, Mr and Mrs swartz was walking down the hall with the people who I assumed

called after me as I look back at her not really wanna

on please, it won't take long", she told meclooking at me with her beautiful

her. "Good day guys we really sorry for

small growl make me flinch coming from Brenda as her eyes was fix on the councilors who just stand still at the door


their your elders after all", Mrs swartz said as she went and stand next to her angry daughter

going through shame. It must be devastating really for her to act like everything is okay when is

her arm around me and caressing me

this people knew what they were doing and we here to help you getting your mate back but going around and killing people is not going to bring your mate back", one of the council spoke he look more strong and respectful more then the rest with his black suit and his black comb back hair with a small piece of Grey hair at the front  looking at Brenda who hold her daughter as she lays with her small head

say something we heard the doors open as we look towards the  door waiting for the person who enters as Jerome walk

day, I hope I'm not late", he said looking at us all while he lean on the

you up to for not even trying to be on time, is something good and something about finding this future queen of the clan", Mr

clear his throat scratching the back of his head."Sorry Mr swartz for being late, i tried my best to be

can you please take a seat or do you prefer to stand? his

my dear Mother, I prefer to stand just here", he

hit my face there while kissing her, her cold lips came in contact with my forehead making me smile. This is where I really wanna

you guys have a link about where your daughter in law can be but first before we going to talk about that, we have bad news. We know is hard when someone lost his mate but we also concern about the safety of our people

to finish his sentence when a loud growl rip through the room making me flinch as I hold tightly onto Jacky who also hold me close

her, if I don't find her soon you will be hold for what I'm going to do, so don't come here and disturbing our peace by telling me you going to bring the police here, they suppose to be out there looking for my Mate and it seems that you to weak to do your job",. she growl making me scream Into

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