Lucia's POV

I woke up with a heavy pain in my head like I have been hit by a chopper. I groan trying to move and open my eyes but I was blind and the pain that I was feeling in my hole body was making me scream as I cry not even knowing what's wrong.

Then it hit me like many bricks were throwing at me when I felt a worse terrible pain I never felt coming from my private part making groan out in pain as I try to move but I couldn't.

I cried here were I lie on the cold ground all I know is that I'm on a train and he did horrible things to me. I hold my wrist to my chest when I felt like coughing it was unbareable for me to even cough by how hurt my chest was.

I just wanna get out of here I feel so much pain everytime I try to move. I suddenly stop to try and move when I heard someone walking to my direction as I start to pray for them to leave me alone.

"I see you awake", I heard the alpha as I crawl into a ball protecting me from him..."Your brother inlaw did some good job on you I see, I didn't know he had it in him." he told me while he laughed at me.

I flince out in pain when I felt his presence so close to me as I sobbed in my arms trying to open my eyes but I just see darkness all around me.

"I was really enjoying it when he had a go at you and it made me also think how you felt",he spoke as he moves his hand up down arm making me crawl more and more into ball as I hold myself tightly sobbing and praying for Brenda to came and save me.

"Please me", I cried pleadingly feeling how my lips trumbel.

"You didn't actually mean that", he spoke with a dark voice sending chilly sparks through my body. "please don't" , I begg him only to make him Laugh harder.

I scream when a fist hit my head feeling how it spin around and around, "you don't tell me what to you , you just lie still and let me enjoy myself", he spoke hardly at me.

I couldn't try to fight him off. I was weak, I was hungry and I was in pain. I try to mindlink with Brenda. I don't know why she isn't here yet and Uriel she didn't return I just hope she is okay and that they didn't kill her.

"Please don't", I try to stop him as I lift up arms painfully trying to push him away but it felt like I'm trying to push at wall.

is going to love you after we are done with you", he told me as he spread my sore painful

didn't listen. I feel him push inside me


course of what you going through"" he told me as he just go harder and faster as I cried wishing someone could help. I scream from the top of my lungs  really praying for someone out there to hear

why have y..ou for...s..aken me",

Fuck McNeil ain't you done with this

good even though she is not enjoying it", I heard

him grabbed the alpha off me hearing him growl.

he just laugh at me. What's happening to me, "Brenda where are

that dick like a woman, you woman are disgusting", he spoke while he push into my painful flower. I cried not knowing if it stills a flower while it use like a play thing. They

yes, you were meant to be with us not with someone your own gender",

hard to mindlink with her through the

please sir

don't know where that angel went and I also think you need to leave

was nice", he

, he asked, "from now on you won't be part of our family, your wore trash", Jerome told me when I felt

at the spot not knowing what his plan

when I felt like something was floating down my veins making me felt dizzy.

My venom", he spoke something I don't understand as I try not to black out. I don't know what they can do to

that you was in this all along and your father won't spare you." he told

care about her now look at her mmm", they start to argue, "McNeil I'm going to leave we don't know where that angel went and I also think you need to leave from here", jerome told him again

need to go and  check out what's happening at the house but when will she turn and how will I be able to help

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