Brenda's pov

I transport us out of the house as we run through the forest so fast is impossible for humans to even notice us. My noise didn't stop bleeding and wasn't letting me focus as my mind was focused on my Mate and all the awful things she went through by now.

Mother, father Jacky, Norma, the angel and Lucia's father was running side by side with me while the others is all ready there just waiting for us to turn up.

"Brenda what's your plan when we get there? father asked me through mindlink as we run.

" Tell them to start finding the others and get them to safety but they need to find the future queen but do not touch her kept her safe",I scream through mindlink.

"We will bring her back", Norma growl.

"I don't know if I will be able to control my power Lucia is in a lot of pain we need to get there right now", her guardian angel shouted.

"Should have thought about it when you left her there what did you think." I shout at her.

"There's no time blaming others right now we need to find her soon and now", my father yelled , "dear we didn't get to know your name, sorry but as you see we all worried", he told her making me roll my eyes at him.

"Like you care dad".

"Brenda not now please", Mom spoke with a growl.

"Uriel", she said

rush down through the

A huge pain running down my heart as it felt someone was ripping it out of my chest making me roared loudly as I let out my inner animal to take control but not

help me", I heard her broken voice call out for me through mindlink giving my inner animal more strength to run

stop and try to listen on anything when hear screams and shouts. I walk pass through the thick forest and my eyes couldn't believe what they see it was a pool of blood already as I try to sense my Mate when her scent hit me but wat got my attention was her scent where mixed with blood but something was off as I move

to find me and Lucia now", I yell

fast when I see him trying to attack me again but I dodge him and grabbed him by his neck not wasting time I prieced my

break his neck and trow him away. But another two came towards me glaring at me as I took my stance and focusing

still barging out they big teeth towards. I use my speed which their didn't see it coming and kill them in a blink of

go forward finding her when I heard Naomi call my name as I look towards where her voice came from making me growl as three wolves was attacking her I use my speed and move forward targeting the one who was about to rip her head off as I grabbed him off her and throw him into a big tree hearing his bone cracked . I move close to him

asked me I withdraw my fangs from him and throw him down on the ground. Jacky was helping Naomi with

so many wolves here I better hope I find Lucia soon I watch khatsiwe helping humans into the truck as

,please know that I love you and always will, it. Really my heart to hurt to hear her say this, " "I'm not angry with you for not saving me in time, tell Chris mom I'm sorry I love them and I

like the world has stops my mind my sense of power of everything I didn't no what come all over me I didn't even see the wolf who was about to attack me,"Brenda no, you can't lose focus no! jacky shout when she grabbed another wolve who was about to attack me," go find Lucia, we will sort this out. "she told as she grabbed him at his throat with a smirk on her face she snarled

come out of a train just in front of

more strong and more angrier. "How much did my Mate cry and asked

her, she is this way", she told me with a broken voice, "the alpha got away but I think Naomi and your father followed him", she told. Me As we came to

But what I saw wasn't something I think i could ever come over it, I blink my eyes really not sure what to believe in what I'm. Seeing. Uriel move towards her making me Growl at her but she didn't care about it as she try to. Get her up but she

but I could hear her heart beat. All I see was just red as I move towards her pushing Uriel out of the way bitting on my wrist to give her

her. I press my writs to her blood lips her face was full of blood open wounds and her hl

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