Chrissy POV

I wasn't feeling so good since they left after finding a clue from Lucia, where she could be. I just hope they have reached there already and find her.

My mind was all over the place, I couldn't even think straight. "They will find her i just feel it in my gut", I heard Martha said as she walk into the room with the new sheets for the bed when Lucia came back.

I sight trying to control myself not to cry feeling the tears prick in my eyes. I sit down on the bed holding my head when a huge pain cross through my head.

"Ma'ma u should be careful and stop thinking so much miss Jacky will kill me if something happened to you, here take drink it please", she said giving me a glass of water.

"How can you be so calm? I asked her taking the glass from her and drink the water.

"Is my job", she said as she show the other maids where  everything need to be. We were busy cleaning the room since they left but I just couldn't concentrate because I don't know what to think and what to feel. I prayed every second for them to find her alive and everyone who was with her.

"Ah if you say so, can we finish up here they should be here by now", I said standing up from the bed when someone suddenly burst through the door frightening us all as we look towards the door seeing a amazed man standing there with a glass of red wine or maybe blood in his hands looking between us.

"Busy preparing the room for your queen? He ask with a huge smirk on his face making me feel so disgust just looking at him while I roll my eyes giving the glass to the maid standing opposite me.

"Martha can you please help me put this over the bed? I asked her getting her attention away from Jerome who look crazy just standing there watching us. But she didn't hear me as she still looks at him.

" Martha! I called her again gaining her attention this time.

" Huh ah ma'ma you were saying? she asked making me furrowed my brows at her.

"Why are everyone staring at him so much, come on we have work to do please", I said taking  the sheet from the bed and throw it open as it falls on the bed.

"Help me with this? I asked Martha again hearing Jerome laugh as he walk further into the room giving me goosebumps.

" Why shouldn't they Stare? he asked, unlike you, they know their place here", he said looking at me.

I stop trying to put the sheet down on the bed and clear my throat seeing Martha shake her trying to tell me not to say anything but it was already to late.

"Why should I care is not like you know yours",I told him.

"You see what happens Martha when new incomers mostly weakless human being take care off they forget their place please show her her place before I do." he said walking out of the room leaving me speechless.

"We will see who is weak when Jacky gets to know what you just said about her lover! I snarled after him.

have a nerve who the hell do he think he is

"Ssssh ma'ma" ,

I yell at her feeling a little shaky,

please don't say anything more that going

put the sheet on the bed but it was to big and we struggled to get it right and it was working on me. I was already so frustrated and irritated

going down I'm going to make me some coffee", I told

think you n.e.ed to go d.o.wn", she said stuttering on

make her some coffee"?

Martha what do you mean" , I asked her with furrowed brows.

you be down there with Jerome there so please stay",


she just seen a ghost not getting her words out playing with her fingers as we all look at her even the other maids have stop what they have been busy with looking her waiting

you have seen a ghost", Martha spot with her but she look really seriously and her eyes gaze at me whiep she  try to get the right words to say when we all heard noises and screams

the room just thinking about one person. I didn't pay any attention of the stairs as I run down it towards where the noise came from and it was  on the second floor hearing the others

and stop when I was just about to

safe in the room so please we

know....wait", I said trying to let him leave me alone as he grabbed on my upper arm

with tears in my eyes still struggling

we need to leave, Listen to the guard", Martha told

flince and scream suddenly when something hard falls through the wall as the house and the stairs shake under my

voice yell but there was so many anger in it as I try to get lose from Martha and this man hold. I try to look behind me seeing Naomi hold Jacky down as her clothes was stain

it flows down my cheek. I fight off Martha and the guard but I just couldn't get them off

no she is hurt ple...ase le..ave me ,jacky!

I almost fall down on my face if it wasn't for Martha. I felt down on my knees and look

back off", he growl at

sit down on the floor with Martha next to me looking very off and sad. My hair was out of the ponytail. I pull it back together and wipe my face with my hands sitting back till my back

they have found her, I couldn't even speak to jacky, what's going on here? I cry

she took my head and lay it down on her chest caressing with her fingers through my loose hair sighting near

then we will know and jacky will came here anyway and tell you if they have found

try to calm down taking few breaths. I put my arms around Martha and just letting her hold me close to her feeling her soft mother touch. I close my eyes feeling the warm tears rol down

her with my arms around her back and the other one at her

she said placing down a kiss on

over already", I said moving out of her grip and wiping

don't know what will happen", I heard Martha said next to me as I look at her not knowing what she

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