Catherine's POV

I just really don't know what just happened. All different eyes orbs were looking at us.

Things happen just so fast and I'm feeling very sorry for Brenda a she didn't see it coming. "Is this what happened while i was away? she asked looking at as us.

"What? My husband asked her standing next to me with his arm around my waits.

"Her going out somewhere just like that." she growl moving her hands through her messy hair.

"She a grown-up now darling, she has her own way of dealing with this trauma." I spoke looking at her with concern.

She looked very terrible and she smells very bad giving me a pain to the chest. No mother wish to see their children like this. "Brenda awhere were you my darling just look at you do have take care of your thirst? I ask caressing her back softly.

where the hell did she just go and you care about me just leave me the hell

rooms, Jackie mindlink with Lucia and find out where she is."

we need to back to our room." he told

I did some so many test on her but alit came back negative. She would never forgive me for this. "I

els there's a reason behind why it didn't work and that she became pregnant. Don't do this to yourself we all know what you been through for this girl now come on we need

my mind was so confused with many things. How didn't I catch anything. She is a strange vampire from us which I just still can put my mind on. Her blood was different from us maybe because her

so stubborn and hard as hell. You don't get anything right with her I know she has been through alot and with brenda being away for so long she must have been

bed not feeling to sleep I just couldn't sleep. I sit up st

me." I told him touching my chest.

you going? He asked still looking at me with

would just keep myself busy down stairs,. "I told him

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