I was startled by someone shaking me awake as I lift my head from something very hard making me groan out by how sore my hole body was.

"I can't believe you left your bed to slept here." I heard my husband's voice.

I sighted and stretching myself out feeling every bone in my body relaxed. I look at my beautiful husband and got lost in his beautiful blue eyes. Al my children got their eyes from him and it was so beautiful. His build body was so teasing he wasn't wearing any suit today make me wonder why he was so all sexy.

I admire the way the t-shirt he wears suits his perfect body. He has alot of muscles and was really made to be hold. He gives the most amazing hugs and I just can't imagine him holding me so tight and feel him so close to me I suddenly felt something throbbing between my legs making me blush.

"Catherine.!he called for me since I didn't recognize him because my eyes was so fixed on the clothes he had on.

" Babe", I whispered out looking at his jeans how perfectly it fited his tight making me growl. He was so handsome and when I looked up at him his face was so close to mine our nose even touched making me breathe out some air as I gulp down some spit.

"I can't remember the last time you looked at me like this." he whispered seductively looking into my eyes. Maybe I should wear this oft he spoke teasingly kissing me on my lips.

"Uh uhm what time is? I asked him. I'm wasn't really in the mood to take this beautiful side and atmosphere to where it wants fo I have so much in my mind still not believing what I have figured out. Everything just going wrong and wrong what's happening to my family.

caressing with his cold fingers through my messed

fine my dear husband did you have breakfast is Lucia home? . I asked throwing my arms around his waits and lay my head against

to catch up but not at the moment. How will explain to brenda that the same person who brutal rape her decades back is the same person who did it again to her mate. Oh my God.

for your daughter inlaw." he said kissing me in my forehead. It's way pass breakfast love it's almost 12. What kept you

I'm not in the mood for that now , where you going? I asked looking

this to yourself we all know

two daughters in law." I told him and standing up from the chair

breakfast or dinner but she has

Brenda went through doesn't it remind you of your daughter's behavior when she was rape mmm. Please don't go there again. I'm going to my room I need

today." I heard him asked me as I stop

go out.? I wasn't in the mood I couldn't take this new news it

need it babe and when was the last time we went out as a married couple huh? He

and cuddle. "I told him outing my hands under his t-shirt and

the stress

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