Chrissy POV

"But why can't I came with you guys Im going to be bored and alone." I whine pouting at Jacky who is busy getting ready in front of the mirror.

"Babe please, don't be like that it's just us and we do it exactly for Joan. Go check on Lucia or LJ."She told me.

" That's not fair but what if  you stay with me? I asked walking up to her and put my hands around waits kissing down on her shoulder.

"You know I can't, we haven't been out lately as friends and we need it and now is a good time to go out together. Lucia needs you now." she spoke turning around and peck me on my lips.

"Who says she needs me ever since she changed she don't care about me." I spoke feeling sad to think about her. I really miss her missing our times tog. Maybe I should check on her she was crying the hole day in her room both she and LJ. LJ didn't even left her room today but how could Lucia what happened to her.

I still can believe that my friend is pregnant her hole life an our dreams is crashed just like that and now she is using drugs. I know what Joan did hurt her like hell she love LJ so much and now that she can see her mush have been very hard for her because she is like Lucia own child. I think this is for the best maybe she will stop with this drugs of her. How couldn't I saw that something was wrong with her its because she always push me away.

"Chrissy. "I heard someone call for me but I just couldn't stop thinking why she lost it and went to do drugs.

" Chris."

I was shaking by someone as I look up into the most beautiful blue eyes looking at me with so much love." Are you fine? She asked looking worried at me.

" Uh, I fine really, are you leaving now? I asked her looking at her.

fine, but you don't look so okay. I can stay if you don't want me to

fine, please go and have fine I will

but please call me when something came up okay everything." she

said and peck

and walk out of the room leaving me alone to

too. Im also consider to be turn but I'm so confused about everything. I stop at Lucia door hearing some sniffles and noises in the room as I knock on the door feeling so scared about out come. Since Lucia was found she is the way she is now different but i understand what she being through. She

was here in the room. The room was a mess, clothes was fold nicely on the bed as I look around seeing

balcony when I saw

it to the balcony where I found her dusting of

you doing? I asked looking

at me with a smile on her face making my jaw drop to see her smile." cleaning. "she said

doing it? I asked feeling so much joy in my heart. I wish someone could see how happy I was to see her like this . I didn't know what went through me as

surprised and I'm  glad so glad. I couldn't stop my cries feeling her hug me back just as tightly. "I'm happy to have you back, you don't know how much I miss

to her  "I'm sorry for everything." she said kissing me down on my

I said looking at he beautiful face holding it tight in

hard. "she said when tears fall out her eyes as she falls down to the ground crying as I bend down and hold

okay it's okay now, but you should have told us you should have talk to me. You know when I lost my parents you was the one to help me through all the pain. I couldn't

you can't hold everything inside you should talk

here with me and I'm sorry for doing drugs. I didn't thought about anyone and everything at the moment not even about this child I'm caring. I don't think of keeping it how could I. How will I look at it when she is born knowing how she was con..ce..iv..ed it will always rem..inded me of what I

was hard to know what she went through and looking at her and seeing her so broken breaks my heart. I took her cold hands in mine shivering. It's so strange everytime I touch her I wouldn't receive that warmness of her touch but this coldness. She is not my Lucia she

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