Lucia's POV

I speed up to her so fast making us fall down to the ground as I hugged her hearing her giggle making me smile. "I love you too babe and thank you for not giving up on me when I was so hard on you guys and I'm sorry for everything. I told her.

" Lu you heavy. "she whine making me  laugh as I get off from her hearing her breathe as I look at her with furrow eyes." Oh please don't tell me that I'm that heavy."

"What you heavy because you caring another person." she told me smiling down at me but I suddenly feel sad just to think about that.

"You not mad at me?  I asked her.

" Why would I?she asked me back.

"I don't know I retorted looking at her an hearing her sigh.

She sit up and look at me with a smile on her face," She didn't asked to be here babe and no I'm not mad at you. I will never be." she told me as she kiss me on my cheek and help me stand up from the floor.

"I don't know about that." I told her as she look at me confuse, Mmm Joan I don't know if she going to accept me still as a mate or this child I don't know what she thinks about me since I'm raped by her brother and that man." I said looking down.

" You have to talk to her about that before jumping into the conclusions" she told me.

"She doesn't  wanna talk to me." I groan out and sweep the dirty and pick up with the scoop.

"Then it's up to you to make the first move you are the one who is angry with her because she wasn't here. "she told me which is true and now I'm forbidden to see my baby and this child in my stomach make it worse. It feel like I'm dying been without her LJ.

" Okay then but first let us get this room clean and and  I will l find her.

"She's not here." Chrissy said as I look up at her from picking up all the papers.

is not here? I ask her getting


"Where too?

just have some drinks to

all? I asked not believing

She asked looking at me


retorted making

I told her mopping the floor and glance

what? she asked me rolling her

"Going out."

she asked taking the bucket of water away from so that I can

" For?

down on my bed and fold the other clothes.

hie myself in this room an doing out only at nights. I don't know when was the lasttime I have

took me in this morning to do a check up on me and drain out the drugs from my body luckily it didn't affect my baby yet which I'm really glad about it. She did give me some pils which I find strange. I thought we heal our selfs but she is the doctor after all I couldn't fight with her. I can

and take her and place on

me. "I

impossible how many months are you? she asked looking shock and surprise as she waits for her to kick but she

doesn't want to kick anymore." I told her,im not sure I didn't asked Catherine

don't like me." she said looking down making me laugh at

I told her seeing her

keep her? she asked

about it after I have talk to Brenda . "I said

you ask the maids to do the cleaning? She asked helping me

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