So many things run through my head and my inner animal want us to kill him and just go in there and be with LJ but I don't wanna cause more trouble.

I don't know what to feel towards Brenda to act this way I'm not going to drug anymore but as I felt right now a need one smoke only one making me growl as I speed back towards my room and grabbed my phone to call the only person who care about me.

I get so frustrated biting on my nails why isn't she answering this damn phone. " Damnit Norma."

"What have she done this time?I jumped seeing it was just uriel making me sight with my hands on my head. I sit down on the bed looking at her.

" Uh mm nothing I j.. ust wanna talk with her that's all. "I said.

She furrow her brows like she knows I was lying to her." Then why do u seem so depressed? She asked walking up to me and sit next to me on the bed.

I was really depressed and I need some so badly but I promise I wouestop for LJ and Brenda sake I don't wanna lose them and I have already. I couldn't sit down I was pacing back and forth forgetting that's uriel was here with me when I felt her hands on my shoulder making me relaxed.

"What's wrong with you don't tell me that you have cravings? she asked me.

" Only one smoke. "I spoke  looking at her  because I just can't take it I need some  and I just can't do it to LJ. I need to stop and to overcome this cravings but how.

" Lucia stop stop it please. "she spoke shaking me to look at her but I was drastically. I couldn't stand still my hands was shaking.

" Please don't this do yourself, you have so much power to overcome this feeling you need to fight it for your baby and LJ, you can't even see her because of this drugs. Stop it now please we here to help you." she told me hugging me stop as tears roll down my face hugging back as I think about LJ and Brenda .

" Come on now. "she spoke  and brought me to  bed as she lay me down with my head on her laps caressing through my hair.

" Thank you for being here." I told her because I know I would have go myself to Norma and begged her to give me some.

you will be fine just trust in yourself and push yourself to

how I have learned that's they possess the most strongest power but she didn't help us out of there she could have spare me the pain and having this child in my stomach but no she didn't she run off and left us alone. I couldn't be angry with for soong because everytime she would enter my room all my pain and fear would

how is Luke doing? I asked thinking of that little boy I found in that place I was. When they found us they brought them here which I never went there to see how their doing because I was busy doing wrong things that I have forget about

fine he misses you so much he must be asleep by now. He thinks you don't care about them anymore." she spoke  making me feel so bad.

me some juice everything that's sugar. I'm hungry so hungry and I'm  craving just everything so sweet." I told her as I

told me

to check tomorrow what gender and she wants to draw some blood from the baby to check if the drugs didn't harm her in anyway" I told

a girl." she told me happily

would you know.? I

power she said with a giggle running out of

laugh throwing a pillow

said walking out of the room not before she throw the pillow

have life in my stomach. I smiled caressing down on my small belly. "I'm not going to harm you anymore child I'm going to bring you in this world no matter how hard it is and give you what's best for you." I spoke with my belly getting an answer back by a huge kick making me yell out by how hard

up to. I can't wait for her to back I'm feeling so agitated maybe im just jealous but I miss her. I

not to think about

me I miss you and

her small voice but is was so hoarse from

don't cry like that I promise I will talk to your mother when she home please don't cry I don't like it I told her as I just

miss you, I you."she cry making me

go and ta..k.e you because there's a body guard before your room can you just please stop crying for you mommy and I will make a plan

I stand up from my bed but suddenly a pain erupted through my stomach making me yell out in pain as I hold tight on my bed with

voice as I felt her help me back to the bed, sit down and please and relaxed what got you so work up? she asked looking at

and I can't stand it please can you just go and fecth he for me please.? I asked uriel my

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