She just left me here all alone I thought we will go through this together but she left me again I guess I'm not part of her life anymore but she just wants the best for me. I sight feeling a little cold as I was sweating so much which I don't understand what's going on with me now but I'm use to it now I'm craving some and she just took it but I'm glad so that I can make up my mind what I want. She cares for me an di just don't worry here I'am back going through this feeling.

I wrapped my dust covers around my shaking body making groan out. It smell so much dust thanks Norma for not cleaning my room but where are you I thought. Could something happen with her but Naomi would have told us. I miss Brenda now my baby and LJ I miss the hole family things was just going great this morning until the stupid flash making me think where it all started as my mind recall bumping in someone as our eyes lock with each other. I look into the most beautiful blue ocean and sky eyes. She was so beautiful and the sparks running down my body.

Brenda was the best thing that ever happened to me this year and I'm so grateful having her in my life but someday things just needed to change my life destroyed my dignity my dreams they decided take everything away from me. I couldn't even give Brenda love I can't even kiss her without having another intrude who also want me to kiss them my memories of that night. I wish you die where ever you are may you rot to dead. I wasn't feeling any well and I want joan now to make me feel okay I need to go back home where my family is and my love. Will she talk to me because she asked me to thing about doing the abortion and I haven't think. I wrapped my arms around my small belly feeling how she kicks ma making me gasp ls as I caressing down on where I felt her kicks.

She really didn't asked to be here I couldn't blame her for everything. I'm sorry I'm so sorry I shouldn't have hurt you I'm a monster. If Brenda could have came over her past if she could have kept LJ the baby girl whom I love to dead then I will keep my baby I will keep my child smile down at my stomach with tears rolling down my face.

"I'm sorry baby girl mommy is sorry I will never harm you again and no one will ever lay a hand on you okay I'm sorry. " I roll myself into a ball not buying my tights hard on my stomach I was getting very cold now as I wipe he sweat from my face. I flinch suddenly seeing a light above me as I peek through over the covers looking at my beautiful angel as she smiles at me.

"What's wrong lu are you okay? she asked walking up to and climb in under the covers next to me.

" I'm fine is just I'm having cravings now I'm feeling cold and sweating to much. " I told her feeling her arms around me as she grabbed me against her warm body.

"Okay you will be okay." she told me, but why did you use it again lu we have talk about it then." she said kissing down on my forehead.

" I'm sorry. "I said laying with my head on her chest.

understand sweety, when you going home? She asked

don't know but I miss Brenda ." I told

the baby? she asked making me tens

fine she just kick me few minutes ago but I hopes fine uriel." I told

Why so? she asked moving my head to Face

myself hard on my stomach." I told her with tears in my eyes as she just look at me with my face in

okay love."  she spoke kissing me on the forehead, mind if I just checked? she asked making

what? I asked her

her somwhere.

her? I asked with raise

I saw her close her eyes feeling something moves into my stomach making me gaspe. I look down at my

sight moving her hand away and open her eyes looking at me

fine is just that she is strong. I can tell if she is vampire or wolve. It's like she know how to protect

don't understand." I

the time she didn't

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