The Vampire Teacher (GirlxGirl)

Chapter 123: Visitors

This was a long came between Jacky chrissy and the kids making me laugh when LJ busrt out crying because the lost I still can't stop laughing making her cry again hearing Joan groan looking at me as she wipes her daughter's eyes making me stop laughing at LJ.

We asked Martha to take Luke back because it was getting late for him and I don't want jazmine to be angry at me for keeping him so long here it was now me and Brenda playing against the winners. I also like this game I has it on my phone. You can't exactly play partners with this game because you don't know what number you will throw on the dice. Like Joan she has kick me off now for the second time making me groan out as I shove daggers at her.

"Is just a game lu. "chrissy said hitting me with her elbow.

" We suppose be partners but it look lik I'm on my own. "I groan out hearing Joan laugh as Jacky kick one of her horses off making me laugh at her.

" You so stupid " she said looking at me.

" Wwewe wewe. "I said sticking my tongue out at her.

I trow a six and out on my one horse who Brenda kick off and pray  to throw another six so that I can kick her off again making me scream seeing it was indeed hearing Jacky laugh as she look at brenda.

" I don't understand why you so happy to kick Brenda a off you guys are partners." Jacky said laughing making Brenda growl at her.

"Mommy is mean." I heard LJ said as I look at her with a pout on my face you mother wasn't mean few minutes ago when she kick me off LJ I said looking at her seeing her hid her face in her mother's chest.

" She is mean my baby." Joan said looking at me seeing her stick her tongue out at me.

it was just me  Brenda and chrissy still playing when I suddenly felt boring and just not in the mood to anymore not hearing a thing they talk here around me making me growl as I stand up from the couch and walk out the room hearing Brenda shout for me as I just sight and trail my hand through my

"My baby."

HI Lucia."

person give me as I sight looking at her

her laying with my face in the crooked of her neck smelling  as the her sweet intoxicated blood making me growl as I kiss down on her neck making her flince.

okay she? asked

that's all Thank you. "I said kissing

me? she asked

here with me and for holding up with my

everything okay I wasn't here for you when you needed me but now I'm here and I'm not letting you go." she told

take of the t-shirt now? I asked her seeing her so lost in her own mind making me furrow my

please.? I asked her scenting humans in the house as I look

my mother wants us to get ready for

be alone with you is it so much to asked. "I groan out throwing myself back to the bed and my face in

came its fine." she told me as peek through my eyes lashes at her seeing ehr

fine you okay to go down for dinner? she ask

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