I yawned opening my eyes feeling something heavy laying down on my arms. I wipe my eyes as I try to lift my arm but I couldn't when my eyes landed down on LJ smiling down when I remembered about last night throwing my head not believing it. She tongue fuck me in the bath making me giggle. I lift my head to look at the side where my Mate lies seeing nothing. She wasn't there as I look around me.

"Brenda ! I call her sitting up straight and move LJ's hair out of her face and moving out of the bed and walk up to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and take a quick shower and went down to find Brenda . I can't believe she didn't wake me up i sight walking out of the room seeing chrissy also coming out of her room smiling at me.

"Good morning you up early." she said walking up to me.

"Good morning Chris what time is it then? I ask  giving her a hug.

" Around 7. "she said as we walk down the stairs.

" Wow I'm really early today. "I breath out still not knowing why Brenda didn't wake me up.

" How you doing? she asked me with a smile on her face.

"I'm fine thank you and how are you? I asked her feeling really happy today.

" Im also fine me and Jacky are going out today for lunch wanna join us? she asked happily.

"That's sound great, but I don't want us to bother." I told her.

"Oh no never it will be greet really." she said taking my hand in hers. I miss you lu and going out today will do us good. "she told me looking at me.

" I will ask Brenda. "I said as we walk towards the dinning room.

" Where's everyone? she asked looking around. The dinning room was empty no one was here only the maids bring down the food to the table greeting us.

"I don't know I wake up without a mate." I said pouring myself some juice that looks delicious as I smile down on Martha as she walks in with the bottle of blood.

"I hope it's Brenda's ? I whisper looking at her as she seems confuse.

the bottle in your hand is it Brenda's ?

no lucia I don't think so." she said putting

I asked

office. "she answer me and

you think it's Brenda? chrissy

"I told her seeing her face frown making me laugh at her as I drink down the hole juice. I was thirsty.

roll my eyes at her dishing up for myself I wasn't sure if I could eat without the others here but I was hungry my baby was hungry and we wasn't

pointed to jag

as I just look at her wondering if she had ever considered to become one of us. Wow really did I

Chrissy. "

of food as I just shake my head at her and take a few pieces of eggs with so much chocolate cream on it yes cream I don't know

asked not looking at her as I cut down my egs in tiny pieces and spread some  chocolate cream hearing foots steps coming towards the dinning room as I wipe my mouth

down on

you can't answer a question

We are...

Lucia good morning you two. "I heard my mother in laws voice greetings us as I smile down seeing her walk

still looking at chrissy seeing Jacky kiss her abs sit down next

his face. They make me feel so bad really like I wasn't always in time for breakfast. Brenda wasn't here with them maybe  she went to

down kissing her down on her cheek feeling her kiss

to talk." she told next to my ear and it sounds not good

at she as he take a Plat for her and

feel sad. She didn't greet me this morning and she didn't even greet me just few moments ago making me sight as I patted LJ's back smiling down at

the lunch today? Jackie ask

did and it will be greet to go out right Brenda ." I

you have plans today? father inlaw ask looking around

is fine we like to have lunch together down in town.

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