Chapter 781 It Goes Both Ways

Not only did Toby walk quietly, he also walked in a slow manner; it was probably because he was frightened of waking the sleeping woman on the couch. It took him almost a minute to walk for a short distance of 20 steps and this intention alone was enough to make anyone watching feel moved.

Arriving next to the couch, Toby squatted down slightly and stared at the woman on it. Sonia was lying on the side of the sofa with her hands folded and placed under her head as a pillow while her legs were slightly curled up, and she slept very sweetly.

However, it was probably a little cold as her body occasionally trembled.

Seeing this, Toby rose to his full height and walked to his desk to take the remote control of the air conditioner before turning up the heating. After doing this, he walked to his private lounge again, took out a thicker blanket from it, and covered Sonia with it, for fear that she would catch a cold while sleeping here.

He knew that she might not wake up for a while, so he didn’t spend a second longer next to the couch. After brushing the hair off her face, he got up and walked to his desk, ready to process documents while waiting for her to wake up.

This wait lasted two hours. By the time Sonia woke up, it was already 3:00 PM and she was so hungry that her stomach began rumbling. As she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a luxurious coffee table. At first, she was still a little confused and didn’t know where she was. However, when she saw the black tea on the coffee table, she realized that she was in Toby’s office.

After sending the message to Toby earlier, she sat on the couch to wait for him but fell asleep instead. She had no idea how long she had slept for and was about to check the time on her phone when something fell from her body to the ground in front of the sofa when she moved her hand.

“Huh?” Sonia looked down, only to realize that it was actually a blanket!

Yet, how could she have a blanket on her? There was nothing on her body when she fell asleep, so someone must have placed a quilt on her. As she had locked the door of Toby’s office, there was only one person who could come in and put a blanket on her—the owner of this office.


Toby! So, he came back from the meeting?

Thinking of this, Sonia immediately sat up and grabbed the blanket from the floor. Then, she looked around at her surroundings for any signs of Toby’s figure. However, after looking around, she didn’t see him.


So, did he not come back? Or, he came back, but actually left again?

Sonia’s eyelids drooped, and there was visible disappointment on her face.

Suddenly, there was a sound of a window opening from the direction behind her. She initially froze before immediately dropping the blanket in her hands and abruptly turned around.

in from the balcony holding his phone, and while closing the door of the balcony, he said something to the

were full of happiness, and a bright smile appeared on her face. Great, it turns out that he really came

cold, and since the office was on an exceptionally high floor, the temperature would be even lower. However, he chose to head to the balcony

This stupid man!


brought the phone away from his ear and turned his head

raised his hand and waved at her, indicating that he heard her, then put the phone back to his ear. After he said something to the other end, he hung up the phone and walked toward her

few steps left, Sonia suddenly

stopped subconsciously.


her hand, and under the puzzled gaze of the man, she smiled and continued, “A relationship goes both ways. You took so many steps toward me, so let me take the remaining few steps. Let me come

she raised her feet and walked forward. Toby knew what she meant,

both ways. He liked

him for a while before she spread her arms to hug him, and finally, she pressed her

was about to push her away. “Don’t hug me. I just came in from outside, and it’s raining out there. It’s also windy outside, and I’m chilly.

spoke, he pushed her away, but his movements were gentle as if he was afraid

him and didn’t let go at all. Instead, she smiled and said, “I don’t care; it’s very warm

very dark and huge. When she looked at others like that, her gaze was clear and made one’s heart

so long, he could not help but still be attracted by her eyes, especially the sincerity in them at that moment

raised it against his lips before he coughed in discomfort. He looked away from her and said in a slightly hoarse

onto him herself. Nevertheless, he was

blame you.” Sonia smiled and

at her,

but I saw you coming in. We have a

and wrapped his arm around her waist to lead her back to

a little shy. “I’m a little hungry; what time

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